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Monochrome Factor

Apr 3, 2011

Before watching this show, be aware that it is a shounen-ai series. Based on the manga of the same name, little it does to demarcate itself from others pitfalls of the genre. The story is somewhat simple and previsible. It is REALLY episodic and this is a no good. Some episodes just fell like fillers who follows the same pattern. The main character meet a someone. That person succombs to darkness. The main character beats him to pulp and it is a happy ending. Seriously. What a joke.No creativity.

And then again, the animation doesn't help at all. It is ordinary, messy and sometimes frames are plain ugly. No budget at all it seems.

The show is (happily) saved by it's sound. It features a incredible cast of well-renowned voice actors. Ono Daisuke-sama portreys a annoying Akira. Kamiya Hiroshi-sama plays the role of comic relief Kengo. other notables voice actors: Koshimizu Ami as Kengo's eccentric sister, Saiga Mitsuki-sama as wealthy and lonely Haruka, and so on... It is a good point here. The cast compensates for the show's lack of quality.

Overrall the characters were enjoyable but not really endeering and memorable. The main character is just a (other) annoying too cool for his shirt type of tennager. His best friends are comic relief to the core. And what with the ghostly character? He is even wearing ROUGE?! Oh my god. TRAP.The characters did have some small chemisty between them but clearly not enough.

Opening section, I was surprised by the theme song. It is not an cheesy j-pop usual song, but a piece of music sung by Asriel whose is it their first anime song. I like their music and I was really happy to hear them instead of the usual anime opening crap.

Ending section. Visually, it is really creative and original. The use of black and white along with short glimpses of Akira's red eyes was stunningly classy. The shifting( you'll understand once you watch it) is sublte and well-expressed. The music is, considering it is sung by voice actors whose job is not singing, is quite good. By the way, it is Ono Daisuke-sama and Kamiya Hiroshi-sama voices.Second opening is a subtle shift too but the song was a let down in my opinion. Bravo for the art though.

Overrall, if you're a girl and like shonen-ai, i suggest taking a peak. It is not completely worthless and has quite a laughs. There are shows worse than this believe me cough *dance in the vampire bund*cough.

Final grade? A 3.1/5. Not that bad.

Next! Sekimatsu Occult gakuin.

5/10 story
5/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.2/10 overall
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