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Really in retrospect I should have watched just the first and last episode and I would have been much happier. It starts off really strong, lots of characters introduced, hints of some sort of battle and what appears that what is obviously the girl everyone is going to be into is actually independent for once.

Then about 10 episodes of backstory, character development, and budding 'romance' before going back to this supposed battle that the first episode sets up. The concept of these powers based off of the Major Arcana tarot cards is interesting, although out of the 22 cards there are about 10 people in the show, so even that isnt really expanded on. 

The biggest disappointment is Felicitia. Looks to be a tomboyish girl, can fight, so a bit typical if she is a strong character in her own right, but she quickly turns meek, the sense of fight is rarely seen again and she becomes a damsel in distress. Most scenes with her in it is her expressing her lack of knowledge of people, things, how the little group works.  For someone who is going to be if not the head, the wife of the head, she knows absolutely nothing about what she is supposed to inherit.

You can tell from the get go that it is a reverse harem, the only other girl besides Fel is her mother. It is forced to be so with the declaration that some guy who wins this battle will be her wife because her father says so, and the hint that she can take lead herself and choose her own destiny is a red herring of making you think she will actually do anything worthwhile. 

Character development is more about the guys learning how to get along and bromancing than trying to get with Felicitia, who is rarely present, not really the focus of most of the episodes and is just talked about as almost an object. Backstories given are interesting but really are not needed to the extent given with how many episodes there are. Which only shows that there isnt much to really have in this anime besides explain why so and so has this card and why they are apart of the 'family'. 

By the time the last episode happens with the actual duels, it stops being really about some amazing battle, as fight scene are for the most part rushed into a 30 sec rounds, but more about this family value plot that has developed that attempts to do the typical, we may not all be genetically related but we care for eachother stuff..but really just ends up saying that we just want used you for our own gains, inclding our blood daughter. What makes it worse is that these people know they are being used yet still feel there is this bond here instead of what is inslavement of sorts. 

Romance that was supposedely the point of this whole plot is barely developed, and is more of an arrangement kind of deal. Without really interacting with the 2 obvious choices for her love much, she cannot have any real feelings towards them. When the fact that she has to choose one is clear, its hard to tell who she would choose because there is no basis to go off of. Most of the romance is really to the 2 guys, Liberta and Nova who start off hating eachother but after realizing they both like Felicitia they make the point in trying to win for her sake and with whatever hijinks end up getting along. This is the typical guy love of fighting eachother with their all to show that they care stuff going on. 

Not really worth the time it takes to watch the season but the use of another nationality is fun and the clothes are easy to cosplay so if anything that is a plus. 

2/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall
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lyllyean Feb 25, 2014

I just read your review and I totally agree with it. Especially the part about Felicitia.

Really a good review!