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Overall for a summer anime that starts out really fluffy, it does really well. It combines a lot of things that would attract viewers (yaoi jokes and obvious harem setup) without really looking overdone. 

One of the best parts I found was that the protagonist was quite different from the usual male who gets a lot of women after him just because of his honesty. I do not know many anime's which feature a guy actually rejecting a girl outright at a point in time. Usually it is just ignoring it with the passive approach. The types of girls that are love interests are also a bit unusual, although the childhood friend is there, he gets a guy who is into him, the rest of his club including the teacher who sponsers the club, and even an opponent.

The plot itself is quite silly, a amazing idea for a club (make and eat candy!) is threatened to be axed by the frontrunner of the student council election, so instead of just accepting they decide to run for president on their own without a real plan. Less about popularity like real school council elections and more political with crazy things like bodygaurds and shady deals and corruption in the government.

Besides the light plot, there emerges some drama with exactly why another club is backing what is really a longshot and some other things that is typical for a plot twist.

What would have made it better is if it was twice as long, giving enough time to really flesh out the plot points better, but it did well with the 12 episodes that it got. It sectioned out both the fun and the serious with good timing while keeping the overall timeframe as being during and about this election. 

8/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall

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