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30 Day Anime Challenge

11 NOV

30 Day Anime Challenge (started on 11.11.2011.)

Day 1 - Very first anime: Dragon Ball
Day 2 - Favorite anime You’ve watched so far: Elfen Lied
Day 3 - Your anime crush: Takumi Usui
Day 4 - Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed: Clannad (Movie)
Day 5 - Anime character you feel you are most like (or wish you were): mostly like Haruhi, but I think I'm actually combination of a few different anime characters
Day 6 - Most annoying anime character: Nagisa Furukawa
Day 7 - Favorite anime couple: Ren and Nana
Day 8 - Most epic scene ever: L's death
Day 9 - Saddest anime scene: Elfen Lied, some of last episodes
Day 10 - Favorite slice of life anime: Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo
Day 11 - Favorite mech series: I don't like mecha
Day 12 - An ecchi picture from your favorite series: 
Day 13 - Cosplay of your ‘waifu’ or Husbando’ 
Day 14 - current (or most recent) anime wallpaper 
Day 15 - Post a cute Neko-girl 
Day 16 - post a kigurumi cosplay of your favorite anime character 
Day 17 - Favorite tsundere 
Day 18 - Something moe 
Day 19 - Mandatory swimsuit post 
Day 20 - Favorite shoujo anime 
Day 21 - Best yandere character 
Day 22 - Favorite boy’s love couple (or yuri couple, if you don’t like that sort of thing) 
Day 23 - Anime you think had the best, or most intrigueing art 
Day 24 - Favorite anime hero or heroine 
Day 25 - Best anime villian
Day 26 - Your favorite harem anime 
Day 27 - Favorite anime opening theme song 
Day 28 - Favorite pokemon 
Day 29 - Favorite school uniform
Day 30 - Anime character you want to cosplay

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