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A few key things about me that sum up who I am would be:  I love animals, especially cats, my favorite color is purple (if you couldn't guess from my username). I like to write fantasy stories in my free time. I'm an easy-going and generally happy person and I'm quiet, not shy but you probably wouldn't be able to tell if you met me in person.

The first anime I ever watched, apart from the American version of Card Captor Sakura (terrible compared to the true anime), was Inuyasha.  I liked it, the lead character had dog ears, how could I not? I've watched a handful of animes since then when the mood strikes me. 

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Ptolemeos Nov 1, 2009

Heeey! I too welcome you this magnificent site for anime and manga fans around the globe! :D

I hope you enjoy your stay here and meet lots of new people... :)

Tokidoki Oct 31, 2009

Welcome to Anime Planet ^_^