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Well, let's start off with a name, my name is Henry, I have been my awesome self for about 19 years. At an early age I showed everyone how awesome I was by being awesome and manly. As I grew I travelled from Indiana to Buffalo NY, continuing my awesome streak I quickly became the outcast of the private school I attended, I spent my time in my room playing video games, watching anime, and not being an everyday douche. Once out of the private hell hole I went to high school at a great school where I let myself be known by my amazing sense of style, my out of the box thinking, and my over all manliness. I went in that school an outcast and left a narcissist. In high school I gained many admirers who I considered friends. I was also the only kid in school who wore a red headband during class. Teachers liked me since I could get work done efficiently as long as I remembered to do it, the drama teacher liked me since I was good at costumes along with my passion for roles I did during theatre, Students liked me since I was able to do what I wanted to, yet being an individual did lead to many people disliking me since some did not accept that I was different. But the narcissism helped with that. I am currently going to college for massage therapy. I continue being awesome and manly every day that I live, because that's who I am, and that’s who I care about.

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chihinoke22 Mar 13, 2011

I relieve that too. Usually when I see the away sign for you, I just wait til you talk and most of the time I start to fall asleep. Sorry!! ><

chihinoke22 Feb 27, 2011

Hi hi! Just wanted to say that if at anytime we have another one of those moments (the last one where all I said was good night and sorry) that you can always leave me a message here on ainme-planet. The rest of what I want to say I can't really say here where others can read it.

chihinoke22 Feb 8, 2011

Oh that's okay. You had a good reason.

Wander Feb 2, 2011

Hey Jeremy and me are looking for an anime we read about once.  It includes some guy with a magic guitar that hunts a whale in space.  I know it sounds extremely abstract, but I'm positive we read about it here on A-P.  Any ideas?

chihinoke22 Jan 31, 2011

I told Roxana to leave you a message cause technically I wasn't suppose to be up for long and I was only on to finish an essay and project with my friend.

What time did you stop playing your game or wanted to talk to me?