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Top Three Board Game Mangas


Hey all, I've decided to start listing the top threes of each genre that I've read.  This week by goth selction I got the anime-planet tag "Board Games".  THis makes it quite a simple one.  My top three are Saki, Shion no ou, and hikaru no go.  Each one of these follows a different board game.

1)  Shion no Ou ~~ A manga about a female shougi player, who had a dark and shady past.

As a kid, Shion lost her parents to a murderer who was never caught.  The only clues left behind were a blood-stained shougi board and a king piece.  After that event she never talked again.  She did however keep playing Shougi.  As she gets better the murderer starts entering the picture again.  I love this one because it has both the elements of the typical board game one and it tries to follow a detective mystery.

2)  Saki  ~~ A manga about a mahjongg player , who can always break even.

As she was growing up she was forced to play mahjongg at all the christmas gatherings with her family.  They would always play for money so she didn't want to lose but whenever she won they always complained.  She developed the skill of being able to keep her score at 0.  She develops bad feelings for the game.  At school her friends force her into joining the mahjongg club since he's a good player.  This manga goes a lot into the whole "heart of the cards" type mentality.  If you watch the anime they use really detailed scenes for those specific moments.  It's a nice light - hearted comedy for after the dark and shady past in the first one.

3)  Hikaru no Go ~~ A manga about a kid who's possesed by a go player. (Yippee?)

Hikaru ends up finding a haunted go board.  The go player died without being able to continue his search for the "divine hand" or the perfect game of go.  The ghost nags hikaru until he goes to play at a local go club.  After a while hikaru develops an interest in the game of go.  It follows as he develops new rivals and friends in the game, and also explains the ghosts dark and shady past.

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