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I've been told I have a morbid and odd sense of humor. I like to drink with friends. I once puked off a bridge....IN JAPAN. White people scare me. To Catch a Predator is my favorite comedy show. How can you NOT laugh at their excuses? My hands are always warm unless I'm feeling ill. My dog once ran into my room, farted, then ran out. I like to think she learned it from me. I make an ugly woman. Women have told me that they want my hair....I do not know if this is a compliment. I once started a moshpit at a high school dance. My ego is as accurate as a fortune teller with the Down's. Certain songs make me think of Japan....and then I get depressed. I drink every friday night at the same place. Beer is tasty. I can only dance if there are arrows. I like to dress up and pretend I am characters from video games. I've been described as "shiny hats, weird shirts, blue shoes." My main goal in life is to be the guy in the background of a rap video who just bobs there and says "uh" and "yeah."

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