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Fun harem with nice chara design, especially Kobato and Maria <3. Yozora's chara is complex, but seems inconsistent at times - courageous cross-dresser, then tsundere loner, then sadistic bitch and bully, then kind childhood friend...I don't know, it didn't all add up to me at times. I'm wondering if they can reconcile her chara in the second season (haven't seen it yet). I like that the male lead, Kodaka, isn't a doormat like in many other harem animes, and I found the references to him being "hafu" (half white half jap) and perceived as a "delinquent" by his peers intriguing. I think the biggest drawback for the anime was Yozora's chara being too sadistic and too much of a bully, for me it just seemed inconsistent with her other chara traits and made me hate her for being constantly cruel to Sena. The Sena/Yozora back-and-forth just got tiresome after a while.

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poatface Jun 24, 2013

Haha, Kobato was too cute for words. Her little "kukuku!" got me every time. And I absolutely agree with your remarks on Yozora. It was hard to reconcile her surprisingly harsh cruelty towards Sena with her otherwise kind-hearted demeanor... I mean, she wasn't exactly NICE, she's antisocial and all, but most of the time she wasn't intentionally cruel like she got with Sena sometimes. And it also struck me as odd how much screen time went into Sena and Yozora bickering, there were a lot more interesting things they could have been doing instead.