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My top ten favorite animes are:

1. Rosario+Vampire 1&2
2. Familiar of Zero
3. Strike Witches
4. Bakemonogatari/Nisemonogatari
5. Madoka Magica
6. My Little Sister Can't be this Cute
7. Lotte no Omacha!
8. Popotan
9. Ano Hana / The Flower We Saw that Day
10. Moetan

Favorite Mangas: 

1. Negima! magister Negi Magi
2. Dance in the Vampire Bund
3. Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? / Is This a Zombie?
4. Welcome to the NHK!
5. Sundome

+: Ecchi/DFC/Fantasy/Sci Fi
-: sports/giant boobs/shounen 

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CaptainAfrica says...

idk for me MAL just has a more detailed front page and I'm capable of finding anime on my own, I didn't really like suggestions or mainstream taste. I also sort of like the Compatibility thing even though I only found one person that got over 60% (his at 71%) with me and I don't interact with communities much anyhow. I will admit that they shouldn't place the ads at the top like a banner on MAL though. Tbh I only know four of your fav animes and I guess personally I found the first two seasons of Monogatari flat and filled with distractions and Oreimo just not that great but I never really had that much of a sense of humor.

Jan 29, 2014
CaptainAfrica says...

you need to watch more anime and less because of lolis rhurhurhurhurr

Tbh MAL has more detail and I don't mind the UI. I always felt softening all the edges felt weird and such. Also I think there are problems with the rewatching import ffffff

Jan 28, 2014
sothis says...

Hiya, just spreading the word about this, if you have a few mins please check/fill it out as the results will directly impact the redesign we're working on for Anime-Planet :) thank you!

Also please spread the word to your friends (even if they don't use AP!) ^_^

Apr 28, 2013
shadowscape says...

Hey there! :)

Jul 23, 2012
anisukidayo says...

OHMAN. Thanks for reading the blog post! It mostly came about when one of my friends asked me that exact question addressed at the beginning of my blog, so I started thinking and... generally, writing tends to help me keep my thoughts straight so I thought I'd write it someplace. lol. 

BUT YES. I do believe I know which one you're talking about since the series ring a bell and I can only think of one particular Negima H manga that has made me cry! 

Jun 14, 2012