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I have watched so many anime that it'd be better for you to ask me for a list of new anime to watch. But, If you see that I haven't seen one or two that you consider to be highly enjoyable feel free to msg me. If you want to follow me to keep tabs on what I'm watching or won't watch then go for it. If you do I just suggest you let me know so I can refollow you. If thats even a word. Whatever. Anyways, Theres only a few genres of anime I wont watch but at the same time if those few incorperated different genres that seem appealing to me I'll give it a shot for sure. This is getting way too long so I'll end it with Have a good day and a Goodbye! :)

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Hppergola says...

hey ryan, what's up...  quick q: have u watched Nisekoi//False love? if so, would u recommend? thx sm for ur time!!

Dec 31, 2015
BalloonsBunny says...

Lmao, nice picture!

Apr 27, 2014
BalloonsBunny says...

First comment again! Hehe x3

Apr 8, 2014