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i am alanna and i am such an introvert that it's unhealthy. i spend most of my life being sad. real life makes me nervous and school makes me want to kill myself (◡‿◡✿)

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xellie99 says...

I randomly stumbled upon your profile one way or the other and just wanted to say that your bio describes me perfectly

Jun 25, 2012
CrimsonSunShine says...


Well, first off all, see, that's why I dun take PAP classes! I'm taking pre ap English next year, but that's it!

And well, it's about...eer... well, it's hard to explain. 

I can't explain what it's about at all! But it's called Homestuck! o uo;

Feb 26, 2012
CrimsonSunShine says...

Oh, sorry for the late replyyyyyy! I have been well, not-so-great, but whatever! I haven't watched much anime lately though, dood! You're even watching it more than me! But well yeeeeeeeeah. I'm caught up in reading this internet webcomic. Ugh it's just so addicting for meeee.


Feb 10, 2012
AnUnknownLight says...

Hey, do you have a YouTube account, because it's hard to talk here???

Dec 25, 2011
AnUnknownLight says...


Did you know that the toxic fumes from burnt glass can enhance the growth of worms?

I'm Peter, nice to meet you ^-^

Dec 21, 2011