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Back in my youth (LOLOL!), I was an avid gamer girl. I still love to play nowadays, though real life often prevents me from putting the time I'd love to spend into playing. Regardless, I still play, just not as much, and love it and I also long to resume playing World Of Warcraft once again. My priestess beckons me constantly! ;-)

I also love the card game, Magic: The Gathering. I haven't played much lately, due to real life, but every now and then my hubby and I bust out the cards and play. It's quite fun and I thoroughly enjoy destroying him! And yes, more times than not, I DO destroy him. It's rather amusing.

Comics are another love of mine. My favorites include Spider-Man, Venom, X-Men and Sin City. When I lived in San Diego, I made it a point to attend Comic-Con every July. I'm also into buying DVDs. For some reason, I always feel compelled to buy them rather than rent. Maybe it's because I like looking at them on my DVD library shelves... *shrugs* Who knows...

I'm an avid reader too. I adore scifi/fantasy and occasionally horror, though my most recent love is for paranormal romance. I'm absolutely, totally, 100% addicted to PNR novels and I'm very proud of this fact!

And of course, I love anime. My first anime was the legendary movie, "Akira." I saw it when I was 14 years old (god, that seems like FOREVER ago) and I've been loving anime since. I haven't seen nearly as much as I'd like to, but I don't let it get me down. When I get the chance (that is, when real life let's me... *scowls*), I watch what I can.

All that aside, I'm a quiet person in real life. The sort who just stands back and watches, only interjecting when the need arises. I can be more outgoing at times, though that only happens when I know you well and feel comfortable around you. I have a dark streak that I've been told borders on scary. However, you'll only ever see that side if you do something bad to me. I'm what I like to call a realist, though I've been told my view of 'realism' is really cynicism. Each to his own, I say! Despite my 'realism', I do have a romantic streak. I love the idea of romance, though it's a rarity to find in real life. I don't believe in fate or destiny or other such things even if the idea behind it is appealing.

I'm a fan of Tennysson's poetry and Edward Gorey's tales of the macabre. And, Tolkien is a god of literature. I love living in my fantasy world because it's truly the only place that's perfect. It's a nice escape from the harsh reality that is. I love tea, have a soft spot for cats and my favorite holiday is Halloween.

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Anachronism Jun 3, 2008

Haha, I'm definately NOT 38. Guess it's a glitch on the site. *going to check that out*

Thanks for the welcome! I probably won't be active on this site. AC is my home (and about all the message board I have time for)

Kevzik May 22, 2008

Indeed, the database is nice, now I don't have to sit dumbstruck looking for something to watch =p

wHokNOwS May 20, 2008

Busy, busy, busy! > Heh

I am cold, it's raining and i am eating a rice cracker in the Hospital Lounge - visiting my grandmother ......other than that, same old same old..

DarkSabre May 20, 2008

So I noticed.  Took me a little to find out how to add people, but I've got it now.  Man i'm good.

DarkSabre May 20, 2008

I saw you comment and went "Gah!  Somebody loves me!" and slapped both my hands on my cheeks with my mouth agap.  Made an interesting sound.

What?  Well I thought it was interesting...