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A cold hearted fella living in London - please accept my deepest apologies for being unfriendly..
or just treat me like shit, that's cool too.

No one wants a life story really so i'll make it short. Being a japanese enthusiast and all I am currently selfstudying japanese at home.
I don't really have hobbies nor talents. My life is a reflection of various animes, I can't explain how painful it is to wait for something that never comes. Having that said.. I'm nothing special really, I'm just a kid who tried too hard.

INTJ {person
We live inside our heads.
We frequently zone out. We get lost in thought and spend much of our time inside our heads. If our immediate reality becomes boring, we will retreat into our minds, and you might have to shout our names repeatedly to get our attention so we will come out again. And no, sorry, but you can't come into our heads with us. You wouldn't last five minutes there. You'd be driven insane by the nonstop cacophony of overlapping voices madly free-associating from one idea to the next.


I rate my animes quite careful, and will only accept recommendations matching my genre likings.

Favorite Genre(s) in order - Romance, Drama, Shoujo, School life, Slice of lifeAction, Adventure, Fantasy, School club
Favorite Anime - Sukitte Ii na yo

Current Character Obsession- Shino/Sinon Asada [Sword Art Online II]

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ASGL quotes

"If I don't have to do it, I wont. If I have to do it, i'll do it quick."
Houtarou Oreki

"No one likes hearing others point out their weaknesses." 
Mei Tachibana 



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Manu91 says...

Thank you :) i'm glad to be here ;)

Oct 22, 2014
Alisia says...

i will thank you :3

Oct 18, 2014
Wheat says...

Thanks Kynz!

I know what you mean with the INTJ - I'm ISTJ.

Thanks again!

Oct 13, 2014
TayChou says...

Thanks so much! I already enjoy the mechanics of the site and am on my way to compiling a great list of conquered anime!

Oct 12, 2014
lavenderdust says...

Thank you very much! Signing up probably wasn't the best idea... All these suggested animes will just distract me from my schoolwork.

Oct 6, 2014