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A cold hearted but thoughtful fella living in London.

No one wants a life story really so i'll make it short. Being a japanese enthusiast and all I am currently selfstudying japanese at home. I don't really have hobbies nor talents. My life is a reflection of various animes, I can't explain how painful it is to wait for something that never comes. Having that said.. I'm nothing special really, I'm just a kid who tried too hard.

Personality? introvert, please accept my deepest apologies for being unfriendly.

I rate my animes quite careful. 
My system would be best explained as such;

1,5 star or lower is an anime I'd most likely not rewatch.
2-5 star anime is a good anime, detailed as some parts being bad/ could've been better, which made it drop some stars.

I am open for recommendations matching my genre likings.

Favorite Genre(s) in order - Romance, Drama, Shoujo, School life, Slice of life, School club, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Favorite Anime - Sukitte Ii na yo
Favorite Manga - Naruto

Current Character Obsession - Mitsuki Nase [Kyoukai no Kanata]

Forum profile -> here
deviantART profile -> here

ASGL quotes

"If I don't have to do it, I wont. If I have to do it, i'll do it quick."
Houtarou Oreki

"No one likes hearing others point out their weaknesses.
Mei Tachibana 

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yeoeun says...

Thanking for welcoming me to anime-planet...:) I'm too anti-social now-a-days watching anime

Aug 14, 2014
melpen says...


Aug 11, 2014
Deathbringer says...

Thanks for the welcome comment! Greets!

Aug 8, 2014
TheSirenn says...

Thanks so much man n.n

Aug 7, 2014
KiraRen says...

I would not treat you badly and be mean. I will just say it I really really would like to be your friend.

Aug 6, 2014