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27 APR

So lets make this simple. You are here becuase you were summoned by me. You will be given two choices. One to sign a contract with me or two become my slave. Once you sign my contract you will sell your soul to me, but you could recieve anything you like in return. May it be power, wealth, destruction of the world or even helping the world; YOU will get it. You must accept the terms of the contract or you shall prepare for any consequences that may fall upon you. If you want to become my slave just state that in the comments below. Oh by the way if you don't accept either of these two terms, it's your fault for coming here. *Muahahaha*

In order to summon me you must do the following:

1. Wait

2. Pm me

3. Beg

4. Do nothing at all if your too lazy


As stated above you must strictly follow this contract. Any attempt to change or play around with any words will result in forfeiture of your soul. You must not copy this contract or even paraphrase this in any way or I will find you.

1. You freely accept to the forfeiting of your soul.

2. In accepting these terms you may get anything you desire. Let it be "Power", "Ruling the world", "become the richest in the world", or even "making the world a better place" you will get it.

3. You may not wish for more than one thing, you may not wish for me to die, and you may not wish anything else that may break the contract.

4. After the set wish is met, and the contract is sign, your soul will be property of me now. *just saying I can do anything with it*

5. Upon death you will.....You'll figure out soon enough.

6. You must have no intent of harming the contractor in any way

If you don't accept to these terms, your are now my "dog/slave". You fell into my trap, but lucky for you I give second chances. Go ....for now. I know you would just want to rethink your actions sooner or later. By the way you are welcome back anytime.


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