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I am an otaku, not a neet or a hikikomori but you could say im a hermit (difference is i could care less i go out or not, hikikomoris dont want to go out at any price), I am still studying programming, (as off 2011) but im about to finish my studies and by 2012 i hope to have a job, i will still keep studying other forms of programming besides what I am now. I own a ds and a ps3 atm, going to get a psp a wii and an xbox as soon as i can, aside from those i had every western console from the past generations (sega nintendo's psx family). So yes im a hardcore gamer too, I was head of a few guilds, and i have a clan of buddies with which sometimes we tackle new morpgs when there is something interesting and we have time (IE first ones were mu ro and l2, last ones were Aion and Vindictus) but now i/we just play moba games (lol) since most of them work so we dont have time to grind sadly.


Fan of rpgs, megaten, tales of, FF, Disgaea, Wizardry :P


Love music, nirvana, cake, rammstein, mannowar, beasty boys, and anything and everything jp, j-rock, j-pop.


I love martial arts, both armed and unnarmed, used to be buff and , now im just normal.


Hate soccer. Love voleyball and tennis.


height 1.77cm i think, eyes greenish brown, darker than black hair.

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kuraien Jul 19, 2011

If you see my ratings and or the lobotomy medal, then i will say it, f* that, first of all i dont rate based on how much i liked but on how well done and how great the quality of the anime/manga is. It just so happens that anime is a well developed and polished art so more often than not i hand out a clean 5, but you will see a lot of 4 3 and 4.5s if you watch closely. I judge objectively, 100% objectively.

So i think the lobotomy medal is just bullshit. I do hand out a 1 or 2 once in a while too, i am demanding, and if 80% of my animes have 5 stars it is because i dont bother watching the bad stuff. I do have about twice dont wont watch than watched after all, if i watched those I'd have only 1/3 or 1/4 of my animes on 5 stars, and the rest on 1 or 2 stars max, but I'd be wasting my time. So forgive me for having a lobotomy medal while i dont, i think the people who have a lobotomy are the ones that watch low quality anime or rate according to preferance and not anime quality (script, characters and episode quality, drawing quality is subject to style and age so it shouldnt count)