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i'm from bulgaria, have studied cultural studies in my local university and am mostly into comedy, slice of life, slow-paced, family friendly, shinto anime and manga (most noitaminA as well). i like japanese culture as i perceive it through anime and it actually is making my life better on a daily basis, providing me with humour, beautiful images, interesting stories and many other fascinating little things.


i just love gakki(nes)s :3

oh, and i recently made myself a tumblr blog  for anime gibberish :))  you're most welcome to it. 

i also believe our internet should already start to appear that way - it's about time, wouldn't you agree ;) (oh yeah, mamoru hosoda's imagination is awesome X-))


and from this point, 'till forever, tsukimoto is my hero

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Shivichan Mar 19, 2016

Hello neesan, How are you? ^_^ 

I've really wanted to talk to you these past few days. 

Shivichan Nov 17, 2015

Hello again, nee-san! 


First of all, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for being so late, for taking ~20 days to respond, for not replying immediately- but I seriously did not want to write a half-baked reply, I wanted to write out everything I wanted to say- and that is why, it took so long.Everyday I came back from school, I thought of things I could write back, but they always felt incomplete.But with each day my guilt grew and now is the time. Again, I'm really sorry! :'(

When you told me what happened, it really broke me.I was a little sad when you had not come online for a long time the previous year, but I thought ,Hey, maybe Krukky-neesan is doing something really important, so there's that! ^_^ You were, and are, afterall, one of my online friends with whom  I can talk about anything and everything, in such detail! :3 So yes, I started crying when I heard that one of my most cherished online friends was going through so much. But, But, I LOVE your attitude throughout the whole thing. I admire your bravery, and it inpires me.It touches my heart, that even after a whole year, you remember that your one little online friend had to go to Japan, and you took out time to ask her how it went :') 

So while yes, I'm really really sad that I cannot help you in your ordeal, I'll always, always wish for the best for you! :') I hope evertyhing turns out just fine with time. I know it will. <3 


Love you! <3

kuzronk Nov 17, 2015

Been sick as of late.

Jmonk Oct 29, 2015


In Japan, Halloween isn't holiday, but it recently began to be celebrated. Mainly festival is held in saturday or sunday. The other day, cosplay of STAR WARS was held. This isn't also holiday though, Christmas is more big event. Even buddhist monk celebrates it.

Shivichan Oct 26, 2015

Hey Krukky-neesan, Its so cool to see you back! :D 

Honestly, I had sunk into a kind of despair as 80% of my best friends here had kind of, dropped the site. Its not nice being alone! But lately, I have got a chance to talk to them again yaaayy! ^o^ I'm so, so glad. I really wish you are doing good. :)

I'm really impressed that you remember that the last we talked was my trip to Japan, hehe ^-^ Really goes on to show how much you care for the other person in a conversation! 

I went to Japan exactly a year ago, from 13th to 21st October, and yes, it was quite surreal. I mean, going to Japan is like, the biggest dream of 90% of all the people who watch anime, and here I am, a blessed little creature! :3

Well but let's not talk about me, you casually wrote that you've been through a lot, and I hope I'm not being pushy, at all,(" I've been through a lot, but not through my mail, unfortunately :D" this worries me, I always want to see a happy Krukky nee-san! :C) but you can tell me your worries,  and you can share with me anything you'll like to! <3 I would be more than happy to help.

And I will always hope for your happiness.