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i'm from bulgaria, have studied cultural studies in my local university and am mostly into comedy, slice of life, slow-paced, family friendly, shinto anime and manga (most noitaminA as well). i like japanese culture as i perceive it through anime and it actually is making my life better on a daily basis, providing me with humour, beautiful images, interesting stories and many other fascinating little things.


i just love gakki(nes)s :3

oh, and i recently made myself a tumblr blog  for anime gibberish :))  you're most welcome to it. 

i also believe our internet should already start to appear that way - it's about time, wouldn't you agree ;) (oh yeah, mamoru hosoda's imagination is awesome X-))


and from this point, 'till forever, tsukimoto is my hero

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Jmonk says...

I tried making a blog site. Would you mind saying opinion about it in free time? It's not so much serious for fear of not being read, but I added challenging thing a bit.

Oct 31, 2014
ItsumoHitori says...

Hi Krukky, I apologise for taking so long to reply. I have a bit of a problem where I get intimidated by the amount of comments left on my page, and then end up taking forever to reply.

I was curious, I just watched Hotarubi no mori e, and cried a lot. I saw you rated it 3 stars, and wanted to ask why? You're opinion does mean a lot. I've started Hyouka and it's wonderful

Hope you are doing well!

Oct 13, 2014
Jmonk says...

No problem. That's my policy. I think this is a chance to talk about inside things. Superficial things can be seen in traveler's guide.   Perhaps those words are dude(伊達男)/chap(奴)/lad(若者)/bro(兄弟)/man(男). Sorry, I don't know the details of them. If there is the example of using them, I may be able to answer more detail thing.

  About the impression of Bakemonogatari's character, Sorry, Not liking this series, I've lightly watched only Nisemonogatari and Nekomonogatari. I somehow feel so. 

 "lol like what? what show(s) do women rate differently than you've appreciated it/them? :]"

For example High School DxD, Highschool of the Dead and so on. I can't endure the way of expression.

"it's not easy distinguishing things that way (by country, or culture) and many more factors are at play (like age, upbringing, general interests, education and so on...)"

I understand it, but finding gap is interesting. For example Kodomo no Jikan, in Japan, this has rumor of being restricted in Europe and USA, but get unexpectedly good evaluation. And I sometimes find specific country's person gives extremely high score.

Oct 4, 2014
x52495 says...

Barakamon is one of my favorites this season!  Are you happy with the adaptation?  I hear it's a pretty different vibe from the manga.

Hmm.  This season I'm really into Nozaki-kun (hilarious).  Also, I thought Tonari no Seki-kun really, really well done.  What about you?

Sep 10, 2014
Sianeka says...

OK, about the anime in my comment:

For ACTIVE watches now: I'm working on Madlax and Lovely Complex rewatch and SAO II with a friend. With my sister (who is my frequent partner in crime, I'm watching Love Stage!, Tokyo Ghoul,  Free Eternal Summer, Bleach catchup-and-continue, Naruto and Inuyasha rewatch. With my clubs on the site, watching Bakamatsu Rock and Birdy the Mighty Decode.  On my own, watching Barakamon, Akame ga Kill, Legend of Galactic Heroes, Gintama.  Want to start soon: Darker than Black S2, Kuroko's Basketball, Junjo Romantica, DDRAMAtical Murder...  I think - the list of what comes next changes constantly.

Madlax - very NOIR. Same studio, same premise (female assassins). Story is still setting up characters and character backgrounds, so I'm waiting to see what the actual story is going to be...

Lovely Complex - my favorite romantic comedy, about the relationship between a short guy and a tall girl

SAO II - SwordArt Online, season 2. The first season was pretty good during the first arc, when the game was life or death. Literally.  The second arc, the ALfheim arc, didn't have the same impact. So far the second season is a blend of both the good and bad of the first season...

Love Stage! - I know, it's shounen-ai (Boys Love) which is an automatic turnoff for many guys, but seriously, this is one really cute love story and much, much better than most of the shounen-ai I have previously seen.  Really well done, and I'm really, really liking it. So if you can get past the BL aspect, this is an entertaining and fun show.   

Why are guys so dang insecure that they can't watch a BL show?  Most girls I know do not have the same problem watching yuri shows, but guys often get all hinky at the thought of anything smacking of yaoi...

Tokyo Ghoul - as the title implies the story of a ghoul in Tokyo... I started this the same day I started Akame ga Kill and since both had the same basic premise (boy dragged into world where he doesn't want to be) I compared the two, and Ghoul won hands down, mostly due to some great character development.  But now, there isn't more character development and the plot is starting to drag...

Free! Eternal Summer - Second season of Iwatobi Swim Club topless boys. This anime gets undeservedly brushed off and dismissed as just "fan service for the girls" but it is much more than that. Actually pretty good with the character development and a decent plot.  And the animation is gorgeous, and I'm not just talking about the muscular abdomens of the lead hunks.  Man, this anime makes even WATER look wonderful.  I always wanna go swimming after watching it, and I am NOT a big fan of getting wet!

Bleach, Naruto, Inuyasha - I'm going to assume these were excluded from your comment that you weren't familiar with all the anime in my message. I also know you are familiar with Barakamon.

Bakumatsu Rock - um, Rock star samurai using music to overthrow the Tokugawa government.  It's probably the worst anime I'm currently watching. There is just so much that is epically wrong with this. Baka rock.

Akame ga Kill - the story of a boy who is forced to join a band of assassins out to overthrow a corrupt government.  I'd started watching this same day as Tokyo Ghoul, and compared the two, with this one losing out.  But it is gaining ground, as the plot has developed while Ghoul has gotten a bit derivative...

Birdy the Mighty Decode - Superhero alien investigator saves the earth from extraterrestrial criminal threats. Birdy, the female investigator, has to share a body with an Earthling boy while here on the planet, and work out how to do her job while doing so.  this anime is better than it sounds.

Legend of Galactic Heroes - an oldie but a classic. Two factions battle it out for control of the universe, while a third faction plays one side against the other to its own advantage.  Lonnnnnggggg series with lots of episodes.

Gintama - another lonnnnngggg series. Comedy this time. A slow-to-start anime, which is supposed to start hitting all the right notes somewhere around episode 30, but I'm not that far yet... still, I've seen some sketches from plots to come, and they sure are funny.

Other anime listed are things I want to watch but haven't yet started. Darker than Black Season 2 - I loved the first season and the world of Contractors and Dolls so can't wait to start next. Kuroko's Basketball - constantly hearing nothing but good about this even though it's a sports anime, so we'll see if it interests me as much as Eyeshield 21 or maybe Prince of Tennis... Junjo Romantica, another BL title with good reviews... DRAMAtical Murder, you already have heard of.

Sep 10, 2014