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i'm from bulgaria, have studied cultural studies in my local university and am mostly into comedy, slice of life, slow-paced, family friendly, shinto anime and manga (most noitaminA as well). i like japanese culture as i perceive it through anime and it actually is making my life better on a daily basis, providing me with humour, beautiful images, interesting stories and many other fascinating little things.


i just love gakki(nes)s :3

oh, and i recently made myself a tumblr blog  for anime gibberish :))  you're most welcome to it. 

i also believe our internet should already start to appear that way - it's about time, wouldn't you agree ;) (oh yeah, mamoru hosoda's imagination is awesome X-))


and from this point, 'till forever, tsukimoto is my hero

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Shivichan says...


Konnichiwa, And a Happy 2015!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

May you love, laugh and live happily this year! And watch lots of awesome anime! xD 

Let's talk again again like the old times, I loved talking to you, you are so knowledgable, adorable and completely different from the other internet people! xD ILY! <3


Shivichan. ☆

Jan 1, 2015
smileJB says...

Hey sorry for the really late reply. The internet is really crappy in Dutch harbor, AK.  But I'm coming home for christmas and going to catch up on my anime.  So... about your long super long comment, lol.  Yes you're right since I do believe in extremes.  I think some of it is far fetched but on the other hand, I said I do believe in everthing being involved with everything.  Why can't hobbies have more than one name?  more than one face?  more than one reality?  (btw, I hate typing on this laptop so you might get a shorter version of my response. 

Its like how a car can be called a car or a 4 door sedan or a toyota and so on and so forth.  My application is a little more generic and vague enough to covver different definitions.  I have no arguments with science.  It is what it is and it doesn't control the world around us.  The rules were already there to begin with.  Science just observes and finds out what those rules are.  So why can't fiction be a form of reality and a form of escape and a form of pleasure?  Its all one and the same. Its just like how you said different people with have different views or "(as for one person one thing may be lovely, but for another that same thing may be crap, or scary, or dangerous, or whatever)" 

You know, I have this point I want to bring up but I can't put it in words.  I feel like I'm beating around the bush going around the idea but I can't place it.  I think its like I'm a man, I am white, I am philipino, I am an honor student, I am lazy, I am ambitious, etc.  When you look at the big picture of everything you see how its all cconnected.  Damnit, I had it better till that last part.  I think sleep is needed and less beer.  anyway, take care.  I kinda wish I knew what the original topic of discussion was too.  Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Dec 24, 2014
Jmonk says...

I tried making a blog site. Would you mind saying opinion about it in free time? It's not so much serious for fear of not being read, but I added challenging thing a bit.

Oct 31, 2014
ItsumoHitori says...

Hi Krukky, I apologise for taking so long to reply. I have a bit of a problem where I get intimidated by the amount of comments left on my page, and then end up taking forever to reply.

I was curious, I just watched Hotarubi no mori e, and cried a lot. I saw you rated it 3 stars, and wanted to ask why? You're opinion does mean a lot. I've started Hyouka and it's wonderful

Hope you are doing well!

Oct 13, 2014
Jmonk says...

No problem. That's my policy. I think this is a chance to talk about inside things. Superficial things can be seen in traveler's guide.   Perhaps those words are dude(伊達男)/chap(奴)/lad(若者)/bro(兄弟)/man(男). Sorry, I don't know the details of them. If there is the example of using them, I may be able to answer more detail thing.

  About the impression of Bakemonogatari's character, Sorry, Not liking this series, I've lightly watched only Nisemonogatari and Nekomonogatari. I somehow feel so. 

 "lol like what? what show(s) do women rate differently than you've appreciated it/them? :]"

For example High School DxD, Highschool of the Dead and so on. I can't endure the way of expression.

"it's not easy distinguishing things that way (by country, or culture) and many more factors are at play (like age, upbringing, general interests, education and so on...)"

I understand it, but finding gap is interesting. For example Kodomo no Jikan, in Japan, this has rumor of being restricted in Europe and USA, but get unexpectedly good evaluation. And I sometimes find specific country's person gives extremely high score.

Oct 4, 2014