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Watched Through Episode 13 of Bakemonogatari

15 JAN

Well, I've watched as much Bakemonogatari as is currently available. I must admit, it was a bit of a disappointment. The first episode or two were really interesting, if not particularly scary, and enjoyable. As the show progressed however, it seemed like more of those artsy text cut scenes were appearing... and rather than just having flash 'subliminal message' type text (read: several screens of text that are too quick to really read, but remain on screen long enough that you get a general outline of what's written and recognize it being referenced later in the episode) appear, suddenly ones that just say 'Black Unnumbered Cut' or 'Cut Due to Circumstances' or 'Voice/Line' and I got suspicious. There was one episode that more than half of the show was 'Black Unnumbered Cut' and 'Red Unnumbered Cut'. I did a little poking around and discovered that this is because the animator didn't get the episode completed by the time is was supposed to air. Now this might seem unfeeling or unemphatic or unsensitive but how the heck do you just not finish an episode?? 'Well, shit. I guess we'll just have to put a black screen in...'. I mean honestly, can't you delay broadcast? Show a repeat? That's what Grey's Anatomy does... How do you distribute an incomplete product? Is this a normal phenomenon in the anime world? I feel like it'd be the same thing as me writing a novel with every other chapter saying something like, "Stuff happens here".

I can't believe that every single one of those 'Cut Due to Circumstances' was just because the actual picture was naughty. (There were several forum posts I found that claimed they were censored because they were dirty). Besides, this is the internet: land of free boobies! Home of the Great Perverse! I refuse to believe that it was editted for animated sex, which didn't even make sense in context.

I gave it 3 stars because I wanted to see more (less black unnumbered cuts...) of it and will watch it once the new season comes out. I figured if I really thought it was worth less than 3 stars, I wouldn't be as frustrated that I was 'missing' parts of the show.

Hopefully, there will be a nice long break so the animators have time to actually complete the shows.

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