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  • Finished Earl and Fairy and Starting Bakemonogatari

Finished Earl and Fairy and Starting Bakemonogatari

20 DEC


Earl and Fairy

"I'm the earl because I want to protect certain people. I won't let any of you die!" ... so romantic... :-/

Not satisfied.  Confused.  Feeling a little led on, honestly.

The only explanation I can come up with is that a second season was planned.  Nothing was actually resolved.  I mean literally nothing.  Edgar and Lydia don't even get married.  Or kiss.  She doesn't even accept him yet.  Good grief.

2.5 Stars for lack of follow-through and mediocre story.  (Story might have been better if ANY of it had actually been developed.)

But I do love the brownies so much!  They're cute and they like cookies.


I've just started Bakemonogatari and the first 33 seconds of the show is a pantie shot.  I have no idea what this show is about except for some sort of monster (as understood from the title) and panties (as understood from the first 33 seconds).  What's not to like?

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zarana87 avatar zarana87
Dec 20, 2009

I won't forgive the fact that they didn't even kiss.. *waste of time* ¬¬

I rated it 3 stars but I'll give it the same score you did... bakemonogatari seems cool.

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