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Still Watching Earl and Fairy

18 DEC

**Probable Spoilers** You've been warned.

So I've watched 11 out of 12 episodes and I just realized that I have absolutely no idea what relation the villain actually has to the story.  Who is the Prince??  Prince of Fairyland?  Prince of England?  And why does he matter other than he apparently wants to Kill Edgar and Paul?  And holy moly, this is going to be one heck of a wrap up episode... We still have to find out exactly who Ermine is and what happened to her, get rid of Ulysses, figure out who the Prince is and defeat him, get married, and wrap up the storyline with Kelpie.  ALL IN TWENTY MINUTES.

Perhaps my expectations are too high.  Maybe I could just be satisfied with loose ends?  And why can't I accept a nameless, faceless, more or less plotless villain?  Am I so unreasonable?

Still unsure as to why NAKED CAT appears in closing credits.

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zarana87 avatar zarana87
Dec 19, 2009

I watched this anime some time ago and felt exactly the same way...

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