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Watching Earl and Fairy

17 DEC

I'm watching Earl and Fairy and I can't decide whether I want to slap my forehead in frustration or just giggle non-stop.  At 2am when I should either be sleeping or studying, I'm definitely leaning towards the latter.  And I must admit, I love the brownies.  And I'm not sure why I think I shouldn't be liking it, but... something inside me tells me that the show is just ridiculous.  Maybe it's because the heroine is so painfully good.  But I'm entertained.

No. I've just decided. I like it. I will continue giggling and there will just be joy in my life.

My only real question with the show is: wtf is up with the ending credit animation?? So confused.  All of the male characters asleep on white sheets, apparently naked.  And then... Naked cat!  ...  What?

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