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Finished Vampire Knight & Guilty

23 NOV

It's 4am... I have no self-control.  "Okay, Kristine... last episode... Save the rest of the series for later..." I tell myself.  Yeah, right.

I am so smitten with the whole show.  I only wish that the Elder Council thread had been a bit fuller, but it doesn't matter that much.  I am so happy.  I only wish that I'd be getting more than five hours of sleep tonight.  Oh well, I guess this is what Thanksgiving break is for.

So smitten! Gah!

Speaking of vampires... do you like hedgehogs?  If so...



Also, in Vampire Knight and in Ceres, Celestial Legend there have been characters that I assumed for the whole show were female and then in the last episodes, they were referred to as male.  In VK, the leader of the Association of Hunter's I thought was female - fancy grey hair, lipstick, robes when everyone else is wearing a suit - but when he died (a rather crackily death too... dry skin complete with neck snapping... I thought that was sort of funny) Ichijou's grandfather addressed him as male.  Maybe it was a translation thing or maybe I just can't tell.  In Ceres, Dr. Alex just looks like a stocky woman to me.  I'm still not entirely convinced that Dr. Alex is a boy.   Who knows.

Okay. Really. Enough is enough. Sleep...

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CaymChase avatar CaymChase
Dec 3, 2009

shhh, I absolutely know that "state of mind" .. and I always loose this "I will save some series for later" battle XDD

anyway - your favourite character in VK? (n_n)

zarana87 avatar zarana87
Nov 29, 2009

VK was nice by the way... was one of the first series I watched, but I did think that character was a guy from the beginning... somehow you get used to that sort of japanese characters after a while xD

zarana87 avatar zarana87
Nov 29, 2009

^^ heh the first part made me laugh

I've experienced that lack of self-control with anime... it can be really addictive sometimes, and there we are at 4 am in front of the pc T_T

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