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First Episode of Ceres

26 OCT

I just watched the first episode of Ceres: Celestial Legend and it's not quite what I was expecting. Judging by the description, I didn't think it was going to be set in contemporary times - complete with karaoke and school kids.  I'm definitely interested though.  Family secrets are always interesting... and twins are good too, especially when it appears one is required by those family secrets to die! So I'm going to keep watching and see what happens next.  No angels yet except for a very brief mention in the start of the show when someone is telling a story to a little girl.  (Maybe Aya and her grandfather?)

Haven't finished Elfen Lied yet... (between last night and this afternoon, lol).

I am about to beat FFIII on the DS though! Hooray! Cloud of Darkness will be defeated!

On a side note, I think I'm getting an ear infection. :-(

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