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TheAngelofDeath avatar TheAngelofDeath

Thanks! ^_^

Dec 24, 2013

Thanks! You should deck out your profile as well! I would love to know more about you!

And I know I know! I've been told by so many people to watch Kanon! and I probably should because its made like Clannad by the same people but the thing is. I watch what I watch because I feel the need and want in my heart to fill some desire within me. I've found out that when I watch Anime's that I don't really want to watch then I 50% of the time fail to enjoy the Anime throughly and I have to come back to it later in order to recieve its full glory. So... with that being said I'm waiting for that right time to come around to watch Kanon. I remember trying to start watching it a few  years ago but that day was a bad day to be surfing the internet and the connection was horrible and the video kept buffering and then an ad came up and destroyed the video and I rage quited out of that Anime and started a different series after that. I really need to watch it. Hopefully after christmas I'll want to watch it. Thats how I first started so I think no hope that it will come across me again. 

And I want to watch Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai but its terrifying! the fact that I may have to watch an Anime which will make me cry again. That hasn't happened since Angel Beats! I need to work up enough courage before I watch that Anime. But I do have the want and desire to watch it though, so its on my list of next Anime's to watch. But I think right now I'm stuck in a "Rewatch Recession" I'm rewatching lots of old Anime's I've seen before but I'm throughly enjoying watching them all so much I just can't help it! Its not bad rewatching old Anime's and it adds to my life spent on Anime counter so I don't mind. For Anime in general I watch what my Heart desires me to watch. Whether its a tear-jerking Anime or a gruesome and horrifying Anime, to even a simple High-school romance Anime (which btw I'm looking for good suggestions for one to watch so please hit me up). I just go with the flow of my Heart's desire's that the BEST way to watch Anime in my opinion.

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