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Well, I'm Krazed. Not because I am krazed, but because there aren't many usernames available that I would use. And I don't like giving out my real name online, so don't ask please. I'm pretty shy but when I warm up I'll talk a little more.

Alright, now that's out of the way... I'm here, like everyone else, for anime. I mean, what else can give you insane powerups like Rock Lee's gates? Anime is another form of telling stories, and I very much like stories.

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sothis says...

Every time you show up as the random user I see your avatar and laugh again :p ahahaha

Aug 20, 2007
Lolo says...

Hi new I'm Lolo nice to meet ya! ;) Trigun is one of the most awesomest animes ever!! You have good taste! I see that you are watching hayate the combat  butler is it any good? I was slightly interested :D Have a magical day! - the marvelous captain lolo

Aug 17, 2007
Reawen says...

1010rikku is now accusing me of scaring you away from the forum, so I must request that you come back to clear my honor! ^_^ (Though I pointed out you said initially that you probably wouldn't post much, so clearly it's not my fault...)

Haha anyway, I'm glad to see you're still around the site, even if you're not partaking of the forum madness. I promise I won't actually keep stalking you and badgering you into the forum, honest! ^_^ See ya around!

Aug 14, 2007
1010rikku says...

I like your top 5 anime, great series!!

Aug 13, 2007
Tyrinari says...

I don't want to mirror everyone else, so I'm going to favorite you because of that avatar. ^.^

Aug 6, 2007