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hiya my name is now koutalied and if anyone gets that name and what anime it is from you my friend deserve a cookie and a high five

i have loved anime since i found it and i cant get anough of it

i specailise in doing paid art and most of it is anime and most of that is naruto i like naruto a hell of alot but if i have to draw another picture of sauske and naruto snogging i am gonna kill somone it is bad and wrong even if i get paid for it

i love bleach it is aweoms

my favourite anime is kenshin it is so awesome cos it does have real parts in history and i genraly love hte characters they rule

i think that out of all the animes i have watched teh best art was definatly in devil may cry but it doesnt compare to the games bit of a let down but ho hum

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EcthelionGenesis Jun 8, 2008

KOUTALIEEEEED!!!!! I found you! Now, how to work out how to add friends!