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Hmmm...I'm 23 with a degree in Cell and Molecular Biology. I like to draw so that is why I dont have an avatar or signature yet-I want to draw myself one (it'll probably take awhile). My favorite animals are bats (koumori). I guess something interesting about me is that I like zombie movies, but I am terrified of death/dead things and hate scary movies. I can be a bit random and ADDish at times. Guess that's it for now.

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In Michigan...depends on the month

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February 11, 2008

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November 12, 2011

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Kivan avatar Kivan


Feb 11, 2008

Good luck with your homework :) And of course you can putany pic you want as your avatar :) Just as long as it's the right size :) Let me know when you update it :)

Kivan avatar Kivan


Feb 11, 2008

Hi and welcome :) I see you profile page is empty :( well... empty as in no bio or top5 :) Would be cool if you filled it up a bit... with a avatar pic... and some basic info :) Anyway... welcome :)

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