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Well let's see what can I say about myself here...let's start with a little something about myself then...

I'm a 22 year old fella who only recently (about 3 years) got into anime. That said, I've probably watched more anime than some people have seen in their lifetime! hehe

Being a video game junkie means I was always likely to get into anime (I mean c'mon - some of the more "obvious animes" like Pokemon come from games and vice versa)...That never happened though since I always wondered if I would enjoy "watching animes as compared to "playing" games (despite being a cartoon fanatic)...what's more I was also always concerned about reading subtitles since I'm a very slow reader (and for the most part despise books - yeah I know I'm missing a lot but still can't stand books! hehe)

So yeah, it indeed took me a long time to get used to watching subbed animes (stuck with dubs for a long time) but now I simply will not have it any other way! Dubbed animes (for the most part) just cannot offer the same experience that subs do...its like watching an awfully crass version of the same thing and that just won't do!

My fav types of anime would definitely be Slice-of-life, Drama, Romance, Comedy and the likes...unlike most lads my age, I actually don't enjoy fighting (and/or shounen) anime that much - with notable exceptions (afterall, my first ever anime was indeed Claymore! - which btw is an awesome anime)...if however, the anime includes aspects of both action and comedy (such as Air Gear - one of my favs and indeed one of my early animes - hence the bias) then I usually enjoy it nonetheless...that said, I simply cannot stand Mecha animes as I find them utterly boring (with Eureka Seven - which isn't really a mecha anime in the real sense being the only exception - and also my fav anime)

Other than that, well I am planning to do more recommendations and reviews here as I've been pretty lazy so far (despite being a member for around 2 yrs now)...so bear with me, as I go through my collection again so I can properly make notes here...


I just added my first review here for...yup you guessed it...Eureka Seven!

Be sure to reply to it!

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HikaruTenshi says...


What grades did you get? ^_^


Jun 25, 2011
HikaruTenshi says...

Ehhhh... my oops.

OoOoOo nice, interviews.

I am just interning. They informed me that the organization who fund the Case Management Services will only hire someone with a BA. So I will still be an Intern now till I forget when they said.. I kinda forgot what she was telling me. Something about something. Either way, it sucks.

I hope you do well in your interviews. ^_^


Jun 25, 2011
HikaruTenshi says...

Hi hi. ^^

Yep, I have been watching lots.. well whatever I have time for. ^_^

I have not seen Angel Beats yet. I have it on my hard drive. If you liked it then I shall watch it soon. I didn't know if I would like it or not. Haha.

How is school going?


Jun 25, 2011
HikaruTenshi says...

::super omega poke::


Jun 21, 2011
AkumaSama says...

HI How are you?

May 22, 2011