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ashe|sixteen|5'0"/122lbs|bisexual|ufo hunter wannabe my name is ashley and i read male slash erotic stories. i am not afraid to admit that. why should i? it's a hobby i am damn well proud of. i don't take shit from anybody. i'm serious. anyway, don't take my stuff or i'll hunt you down. : ) i'm not very different from a lot of people, albeit i'm more creative and original than most. i follow my own routine and get by in life. i'm not special and if you think you are, then you're highly mistaken. i'm not a prude, but from what i've seen, the world is full of unoriginal people that just copy each other. show me you're original and we'll be just fine. writing is my passion. creating characters like rabbits mating has become quite the hobby. for a while, i had writer's block, but that's over now. however, what i do write isn't very long and chances are it'll be riddled with typos. i've gotten so much better, it's sickening. don't assume i'm an "illiterate trying to sound cool". i'm quite lit/advanced. as with writing, comes role playing. if and only if you believe you can keep up with me, send me a message and i'll see what we can do. i'm not a nice person under any circumstances. but, i don't think anyone can be a truly kind person. any negative thought and you're no longer nice. you're no longer looking on the bright side of things or going out of your way to help. people can have tendencies, but in the end, it's an innate behavior that drives us to watch the bullying, curse our parents and coworkers, and gripe when we have bad days. rarely, do i rant online. however, starting online fights: yes. this has become more of a sport than anything. if an opportunity shows itself, i'll take it, depending on how i'm feeling for drama. if you feel like starting something with me, by all means, do so. it will be the highlight of my day. :) i'm half gay, so i guess that makes me bisexual. i've come to terms with it. as much a supporter as homosexuality as i am, i don't go proclaiming my sexuality. it's just not smart. most of my friends and family know, but not kids or teachers at my school. why? people'll start thinking my decisions are biased and in the end, they'll assume everything i do is because of that. i don't blaim 'em. it's not like they can help it. again, it's human nature. i love fashion, but i don't follow it. i mean, i want to, but at this point, i can't. i'm that short, pudgy kid that wears clothes that're too big or the tight shirts that make them look fat. i'm not the kid that can stand in front of a class and not stumble over her words. i don't have the money for it. but these aren't excuses. i know; i've got mental barriers to work on. hell, my english teacher told me to stop psyching myself out. when i can stop wearing overly large clothes and keeping quiet so i don't draw attention, i'll finally start wearing the clothes i want. don't get me wrong, i'll still be continuing my path to becoming a fashion stylist . favorites~ zombies: moaning, groaning, and mutilated, zombies are quite the thing to fear. don't get me wrong, they freak the shit out of me, what with their cannibalism and ability to turn you into the undead fairly easily. ramen & arizona tea: the two greatest things ever created. : D i prefer stove top chicken flavored ramen and sweet tea. fanfiction: <3 one of the best things that i've found, by far. granted, one can't always find that well written of fanfiction, but once you do, hoah boy, are they FANTASTIC! erotic original, kakashi/iruka, neji/shikamaru, sasuke/naruto, sirius/remus, and harry/draco are just to name a few. manga & anime: my not so secret pleasure. this is really what kick started my love for japan, in the sense of wanting to learn more about the culture. well, five years later, i'm more obsessed than ever. i really, really want to visit, but living there and being respected as one of their own would be the icing on top of the cake. : D oh, how one can wish. ufos, bigfoot, cryptozoology, giant squids, yeti's, cover-ups, giant sharks, aliens, corruption: i think this one explains itself. who can't find themselves delving into the mysterious world of cryptozoology and the unknown? i believe that aliens do exist, bigfoot too. instead of explaining here, why don't you strike up a convo. about it?

japanese version romanji

hajimemashite. watashi wa ashley desu. doozo yoroshiku. sumimasen, nihongo oh heta desu. =_= watashi wa onnanoko to juu roku sai desu. me to kami ga chiyaro desu. demo, kami ga chotto nagai desu. america jin. kazoku wa go-nin desu. chichi to haha to ani to futago desu.-hontoo desu. obaasan no hitori desu. watashi wa omoshiroi no ojisan oh hoshiidesu. anou...kokoo ninesei desu. kokoo no namae wa chesterton desu. seibutsu to sugaku to eigo to nihongo no gaikokugo to americashi to bijyuutsu to jisyuu oh toteimasu. nastu no yasumijikan desu. shuumi wa eiga to terebigeemu to yaoi oh yonde to monogatari oh kakimasu. eiga: formula 17, wataa boisu, ariensu, miyazaki, seven samurai, rosta boisu, gurisu, biggu fishyu(sakana), HORROR(kyoofu), dawn of the dead, sirento hiru, residento eberu. terebigeemu: sirento hiru (4 & home coming), residento eberu (x, 2, 4), sims 2, magna carta, onimusha (1,2), kingdom hearts, finaru fantasy (x, x-2, xii), bioshock. yaoi no mangaka: watanabe asia, naono bohra, sawauchi sachiyo, hiiro reiichi, mizukami shin, sadahiro mika, kazuma kodaka. watashi wa nihon no fasshon desu. watashi no shigoto wa nan desu ka? fasshon sutairisuto desu. : D fasshon sutairu: ajiajamu.com, tori, ganguro, gyaru/himegyaru. watashi wa gyaru to ganguro oh jidaiokure desu. ganguro: an alternative fashion trend of blonde or orange hair and tanned skin among young Japanese women that peaked in popularity around the year 2000, but remains evident today. The Shibuya and Ikebukuro districts of Tokyo are the center of ganguro fashion. gyaru: The term gradually drifted to apply to a younger group, whose seeming lack of interest in work or marriage gained the word a "childish" image. It is now used almost interchangeably with kogyaru and younger generations may consider it clichéd or even archaic. himegyaru: girls who dress as princesses. Hair colours vary from blonde to brown and is usually very big and teased. They wear expensive clothing from brands such as Liz Lisa and Jesus Diamante. tori fasshon: The term 'Street Fashion' is used to describe fashion where the wearer personally customizes the outfits by adopting a mixture of current and traditional trends. Such clothes are generally home-made with the use of material bought from the stores. popteen, egg, cawaii.


はじめまして。 私 は アシュリ です。 どうぞ よろしく。 すみません、 日本語 を へた です。 =_= 私 は 女の子 と 十六 さいです。 目 と 毛 ちやろ です。 でも、 毛 が ちょ、 と ながい です。 アメリカ 人。 かぞく は 五 にん です。 父 と 母 と兄 と ふたご です。-ほんとう です。 おばあさん の ひとり です。 私 は おもしろい の おじさん を ほしい です。 ここうにねんせい です。 ここう の なまえ は チェステタン です。 せいぶつ と すがく と えいが と 日本語 の がいこくご と アメリカしと びじゅうつ と じしゅう を とていす。 なつ の やすみじかん です。 しゅうみ は えいが と テレビ ゲ-ム と やおい を 読んで と ものがたりを 書きます。 えいが: フォムラ 一七、ウォーターボーイズ、 アリエンズ、 みやざき、 七人の侍、 ロスタ ボーイズ、 グリス、 ビェガ フイシュ(魚)、 きょうふ、 ダ-ヌデイド、 サイレント ヒル、 レセデント エベル。 テレビ ゲ-ム: サイレント ヒル(四 & ホ-ム コミ ング)、 レセデント エベル(X, 二, 四)、 シムズ 2、 マ グ-ナカタ -、 おにむしゃ(一,二)、 キングダムハーツ、 ファイナルファンタジー(x,x-2,xii)、 バイオ ショ ック。 やおい の まんがか: わたなべ あじあ、 直野儚羅、 沢内 サチヨ、 緋色れーいち、 水上 シン、 定広美香、 こだか和麻。 私 は 日本 の ファッションです。 私 の しごと は 何ん ですか。 ファッション スタ イリス ト です。 : D ファッション スタイル: アジアジャ-ム.com、 とり、 ガングロ、 ギャル/姫ギャル。 私 は ギャル と ガングロ を じだいおくれ です。 ギャル: は、若い女性を意味するガール(girl)が訛ったものであり、日本では、活発な若い女性、ピチピチした心優しい若い女性、今時の女性の意味であり、 1972年にGalsという女性用ジーンズが発売された時から広まった。一般的に1970年代当時、ニューファッションに身を包んだ女性の総称を指す。バ ブル期には若い活発な女性をさす言葉として使われた。 ポップティーン、 エッグ、 カワイイ! 

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