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welcome to my profile! i hope i make lots of friends and we can all share some great anime! you can just call me ko. :3


let's talk!

myspace = www.myspace.com/eroigyaru

i also really love japanese fashion! my favorite is sweet lolita, followed by decora, then manba. :3

i hope to teach english in japan, when i grow up. i'm at the end of my first year in japanese, and i'm enrolled in college level english classes!

i work at a japanese resturant, but it's really scary 'cause eveyone there is spanish and filipino. ;_; i can't speak any of their languages! but i try really hard! we're allowed as much miso as we want! yum! it's a good job. teeheee...

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kenshina says...


^_^ That is a nice dream~  english Teacher at Japan.

I will be a teacher too, but of math.  I don't care where I will go to teach.  I want to teach where it is needed.  So if it is.. Africa is not a bad idea.  they need teacher there too.

=D well, I am not sure what is the fashion, but well.  I am not into fashion haha.  Maybe I should get a look at it some times.

Some people don't really like what I wear because, well I guess, it none of any fashion.  I just wear what I find. I wear just simple.  I like simple ^_^

Anyway, you remind me of one of my friends (that is when I checked your space).

I like your very cute avatar ~ 

=p cha cha.

Jul 8, 2008
AnimeGirl1990 says...

Hiya! I love your anime list. We share a lot of the same anime interests. I saw you liked Shugo Chara! so I had to leave a comment! Shugo Chara! is awesome! Well, nice to meet you! See you around! ^o^

Apr 11, 2008