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This is the page where Kohawk Otaku Anime Club of Coe College keeps tracks of what we're watching, have watched, and what we want to watch.  This includes things not watched at official events, but to which the club was invited, thus meaning that people were given the chance to watch it and it will be considered watched for purposes of future anime selections.  One of the goals of this club is to introduce people to shows.

Things marked as watching are exactly what they sound like, but can include unofficial viewing as well.  The idea is that any member could be watching it as some sort of group.

Things marked as stalled are things that were sampled.  Either they went over well and might be considered in the future or they are avaiable at the library.

Things marked as dropped have been sampled and didn't go over well or we don't have proper access to them.  They may be considered again later or viewed in an unofficial capacity.

Things marked as want to watch are things we have access to through the library and are listed so we can keep track of those options.  Most of these are films.

We will not mark things as won't watch.

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tennis101101 says...

I so like your Avatar. Takuto is just so awesome.

Jan 30, 2014
Sianeka says...

I saw Kids on the Slope and liked it! How did it go over there?

Nov 21, 2013
kohawkanime says...

Hey, guys, we're in Kessler tonight to watch Kids on the Slope and Deadman Wonderland!

Nov 8, 2012
lessiehanamoray says...

Wow, the sampling of Another went really well tonight.  Looks like we might be watching that one next, but we'll see how other shows do.  There's still a lot more sampling to do.

Oct 4, 2012
kohawkanime says...

Working on getting a proper Crunchyroll account for the club so we can watch more, sooner, with fewer ads.

Jun 22, 2012