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My Top 5 Anime

This list is a list of the best anime I have seen. Everyone of these has some quality that i have found to make them great, in my eyes at least. There are a lot of quality anime out there, and I tried to take nostalgia out of my decisions. That...

My Top 5 Comedic Animes

I know there are a lot of funny animes out there, and I know i have not seen all of them. However, from all of the anime i have seen, these 5 are to me the funniest of the bunch. The ranges of these comedies differ from ecchi to straightman. I...

My Top 5 Shounen Anime

This is my list of favorite Shounen animes. The tag of Shounen has some very generic conditions, but i feel that all of the anime on this list hold the essence of Shounen anime.

My Top 5 Sports Anime

There are some exceptional sports anime out there. I know on this list that there are some second tier sports on this list such as cycling and boxing, but the animes on this list do not rely on the sport to carry the action, but let the sport be...