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I watch anime whenever I get a break from work. Having a flexible schedule and not a 9 to 5 helps though. :p

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abunai Feb 1, 2008

Hi kmull, I've been moderating recommendations, and I just wanted to mention that I liked yours very much. Crisp, clean and generally error-free, with a good presentation of the reasons for the recommendation. Thanks!

Adam Jan 2, 2008

Fma, Death Note, and Monster. Like you said, we match up well. :D I'll have to try Ghost in the Shell.

zoelyn Dec 8, 2007

Hey, thanks for the message! =)  It seems you do have good taste, but yeah, we can just ignore our Cowboy Bebop differences.  Haha.  

By the way, I love the Al picture.  And the female badass list.  I don't like the girly girls all that much, haha.

Plasmido Nov 20, 2007

Hey! Thanks for stopping by and encouraging me to give EP another chance though I bet a lot... at least some of anime which I dropped don't diserve beeing in my red list. If only I had more time. -.-

I see you have "Monster" in your top 5... nice! :>

ketchupdemon Nov 18, 2007

Ahh thats too bad about monster >.<. I usually dont watch anime with old animation like that. Plus i stopped watching anime over 50 episodes except for Bleach, Naruto, and Mar of course =P. I seen monster on a lot of top 5 so ill check it out over the summer i guess.