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i was born in brissy and moved alot and the only way i could do to  was whatch anime and my faves are naruto and black butler hope u guys like them too :) and i really love grell :P

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brissy aussie QLD

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September 4, 2013

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October 23, 2013

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Oct 2, 2013

oh, i see!!! i haven't read/watched bleach -- although i've obviously heard of it, haha -- but i have been thinking about checking it out for a while now so i'll just add it to my list then! would you reccomend the manga or anime over the other, or are they both good?

ah, me too! i'm actually on myanimelist more often than this site (i made an account here in the first place so i'd have a backup list in case MAL crashed) but even though i've been on there for a few years, you're the friendliest person i've come across yet, so thank you for messaging me in the first place! it's always awesome to meet new people, but it's even better when they're as nice as you are. anyway, i hope you've had a lovely day! and thanks again for the comments. :)

worldsofblue avatar worldsofblue

Thanks! ^_^

Sep 12, 2013

ah, thank you so much, kori! your avatar looks great too -- do you mind if i ask what anime it's from though? i don't recognize it. anyway, i'm amy and i'm really glad to meet you too. :) thanks for the kind comment you left!! (also, i love naruto too; it's an /incredibly/ good manga.)  

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