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Hey! I don't think you remember me, but we have speeking together over youtube, about my animechannel and what i should do, to keep it up. My name was (tjekkedekevin9777) It has being a long time, but i never forget your help. I didn't have time for making my channel, so it has to wait, but now i have time, and i wanna ask you something. I know that your profile is down on youtube and that is bad luck. But i was thinking if you wanna make an anime channel with me. It's not because i do not know what to do, cause i actually do know what i'm going to go throw. no, i wanna ask you to be my partner, cause you are much like me. I'm a big fan of anime and i do know much about anime and alot of other stuff. You help people out just like me. If the got a question about anime or something with the channel, you always answer it and if a person like me asked, what i'm going throw, when i'm making my own anime channel. If people got any question, you allways answer it with a big comment, just like me! When people ask me about what happend, how did that happend, what is it about, i'll always make 2-6 comment to them, cause i wanna answer them with all i know. And i do it so sweet as possible. Many paople have said after i have comment them or answer them, that i'm a sweet person or a nice person, cause i love to help people out and i really wanna spent time, just to help people out. So i thought why not make an anime channel, where everybody could learn or know about animes, and if the y got any question, i'll obviously  help them. I want you as my partner, cause i can trust you, and i'll know that i can have an really good channel, if i shared it someone like you. I'm not just a big fan of anime, i do actually know lot of stuff. I love to experiment and i do follow school, and i learn much. I normally never relax, cause i'm helping and learneing all the time. Right now i'm about to make some after effect, that i maybe could use for ''our'' channel and some other stuff, like my projekt on school. I love to do the ''impossible'' or something that will help people or interest people. Thats why i want you as my partner, nobody else, just you. Cause i know your a trustworthy guy, who is just like me. And i do watch many animes, so i can help you putting new animes in your channel on this site?? But most importen, iwanna make a channel with you, where we show people some new/good anime series and if they got any question, i or maybe you answer it.? Please don't get me wrong, i'm not an idiot, who wanna partner up with you, just because you had an good channel. I wanna make a new channel, that is much better, and where you'll get much more information, and i believe you can help me out, cause your a big fan of anime too and i know your a trustworthy guy who wanna help people out, just like me!!! Please don't get me wrong, i do wanna partner up with you. We both own the channel and we both will help each other out, or help the people out. I think you and me can make one hell of a channel, that will get populare all over the world, by anime fans. I know i have written much, but that is just how i am. If i wanna be serious, i'll always do it with much WORK!!! [I'm sorry if i made any type fails] Thank you for listening, it really makes me happy if you just are reading my post and i really hope that you will think about it, cause i'm thinking big, about what we could do together. Maybe we could talk over skype or maybe message each other over msn or i don't know. And we will of course make a new youtube account, that we both can use. I hope we can speak again soon.

My email = xxxxxxxx

My skype name = xxxxxxxxx

Youtube account name = xxxxxxxxx

Or you could just message me here??

This is a message, that i posted to what i hope, will be my partner!!!

I hope you''ll se this.....

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