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Oda-sensei doesn't realize how cute but epicly awesome his drawing style is!!!

The fullmetal alchemist anime is awful!!! but the manga is awesome (maybe the FMA brotherhood anime is better I haven't finished it yet!)

and this site releases the inner me and it depends on how I'm feeling at the moment whether I'm a pinkie pie or a fluttershy! So be warned

Anyway Hello, my name is Kittytaku.(for those who don't get it's kitty otaku) So, my talents are drawing and playing guitar. I like:


One Piece

Prince of Tennis


and Fullmetal Alchemist

and many others these are just the main five, But Especially ONE PIECE!!!

I also like an american show that I just finished it's called Young Justice and it's AWESOME!!!!

as for games I like:

Legend of zelda

Kingdom Hearts

Drawn to life

Professor Layton


the Phoenix Wright series

My list of geekiness could go on and on, But you'd get bored lets go on to something else.

From the five series above my fav. characters are:

Uzumaki Naruto (Naruto)

Echizen Ryoma (Prince of Tennis)

Hitsugaya Toshiro (Bleach)

Yamada Hanatarou (Bleach)

Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

and most of all Monkey D. Luffy! (One Piece)

Robin (Young Justice)

Kid Flash/Wally (Young Justice)

I'm not good at making long intros so this is all right now. Sorry.

Oh, and WARNING: if you talk to me I might not reply for a while so don't get your hopes up.

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Chelsae Sep 23, 2011

ah!! I haven't gotten far either truth be told! But who do you like best after the time skip..? I DON'T LIKE SANJI'S BEARD!! It's WEIRD!!! XD Most of them haven't really changed but TALK ABOUT USOPP!! My god! He's changed so much! :O

And I'm not homeschooled..! I wish I was though! I think it would be so much better than going to school! But I guess there are some down sides to homeschooling.. And I wouldn't have met most of my friends if I was homeschooled so I'm glad in a way! ^_^

Chelsae Sep 22, 2011

HELLO AGAIN!! (I feel like it's been ages since I spoke with anyone on anime planet since I've had school work!)

aengftdhbv ! <-- me going weird on the keyboard! The One Piece anime is going to have a timeskip soon! I'm so excited!!! >< Even though I know what happens afterwards, it's just going to be awesome in the anime ! :D Do you think they'll have a new opening..? I have a feeling they will..! I can't wait!

Argh! I need to catch up with so much anime! But it feels so good to be back on anime planet and watching anime again! I haven't watched any in like 3 weeks! (a new record for me! XD )

Chelsae Sep 3, 2011

Ahhh..! I would buy the volumes but I've just so much manga already... ! (I just counted and I have 99 volumes plus all of my merchandise and anime so it takes up a lot of room..) And I'm collecting a lot of manga already... but I'll probably collect them once I finish collecting another series such as D.Gray-Man AND buy a new bookcase... I like to buy the volumes because if I don't, I feel like I'm stealing.. :/

Oh yeah! Yesterday, I was in waterstones trying to decide what volumes to buy, and on a whim I picked up the newest One Piece volume to see where they had gotten up to in the manga, and I saw Ace in it and shouted "NO!! NOT ACE!!!" and had the other people in the manga section stare at me.. xD

Chelsae Aug 31, 2011

Haha! Thanks ! ^_^ I really love One Piece now! It's definitely one of my favourites! Although it's been like over a week since I finished it, ACE!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I couldn't believe it. I was so depressed the day afterwards.   I actually already knew it would happen since my friend had told me, but watching it, it was like WHAT?!!   I feel so sorry for Luffy. I'm reading the One Piece manga as well, but I've taken a break to watch some dramas. :)

Chelsae Jul 23, 2011

:D Thanks !

Well, I'm on episode 71 at the moment.. hopefully I'll get to 100 today, but I really doubt it. I might get 92ish? xD My aim is to watch 20 episodes a day of One Piece.

And yeah, I've played around 3, but I've only completed one D: I probably would play more of the games since I have a lot of consoles but then I got obsessed with anime and for the most part I don't have the attention span or willpower to get through most games. If I do play games though I usually complete them in a couple of days. Like the last Professor Layton game that came out, I completed it and all of the puzzles in a day. :P It's because I get so devoted to it.

Anyway, as for the Legend of Zelda games, the one that I completed was Phantom Hourglass, but I've played part of the way through Ocarina of Time.. (I think that's what it was. Me and my friends all swap and borrow DS games so I always get confused on what they're called. It's the same for Harvest Moon ¬.¬) and I've also played Spirit tracks and I'm pretty sure I played Twilight Princess a few years ago at  a sleepover but didn't really get through it :P