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Lets cut to the chase,as you already may have observed i love anime(I mean lets face it,if you are here you must find somewhat of an enjoyment from anime) i love action, romance,reverse harem, and some ecchi because i find it sexy and funny. I love to play lots and lots of video games(Ass kicking hack and slash is what i go for DEVIL MAY CRY WOOT WOOT)but if i'm feel more subtle i will usually play a game that puts my mind to work(Like Tomb raider!!)So add me if you just so happen to end up on my page, i'd love to get to know you(if your creepy id much rather not) BUT lets just see if we hit it off as aquaintances, buddies, friend and so on and so forth!TTYL and message me!

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HattoriBattousaiUkyo May 15, 2011

Nice bio!!! you were in the random users under users community so I looked at your page.   You said to add you in your bio so I did.  Great name by the way always love the japanese word murasaki (purple for all of you who dont know).  its just sounds so cool to say but I bet you just like the color purple. well if you would like you can add me as well to your firends list but hay dont be creepy lol jk but really dont.

IceFlower Jan 16, 2011

Omnomnom. :p Hai. Awesome bio xD

Ikutoo Jan 3, 2011

[email protected]

Ikutoo Jan 3, 2011

Yea i gotcha hey you should download yahoo or something :p

wow im look at the capticha and it says Earmouts her


Ikutoo Jan 3, 2011

lol no i dont mind ^_^ thank you!

but yea this site needs more stuff like let you have a album for your anime pix or what ever and a inbox so you dont have to keep doing that gayyy capticha thingy >.<;