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Been a big fan of anime since i was little, so i tend to watch alot :D. (First i think was either a spanish version of either ranma 1/2  or lost universe or toonamis ver of salior moon)

I avoid Mainstream or popular animes as they tend to get spoiled. I also do aviod wathcing animes that tend to be excessilvy long (Aka Naruto, bleach etc etc) but as always there are a few expections to this.

Big Fan of Higurashi and all its glory~ Waiting for all of Umnineko to finsh prior to wathcing it (to avoid hangs ups that i faced in waiting for all Three seaons of higurashi to be subbed)

I watch alot of anime (Alot which i havent added to the list cause i may of missed it /not being there) but ill eventually wrap it up.

I do tend to watch alot of anime and download the ones i like the most but at the same time if i see the box set for sale usually its an impluse buy.

Best visual novel ever was Ever 17.

Anime that made me cry non stop : Clannad/Kannon

Anime that made me cringe (Tie) Higurashi/Elfien lied/School days

Animes that made me bust my gut in tears of laughter, Puni puni poemy, FMP Fumoffu!

Animes that id never own: Bobobobobobobob, any anime that would cost over 100 dollars for one seaon >.> or like 50 gigs of hd space >.>)

Main animes i avoid: Dragonball (and all of its kin), most animes passed 100 eps, and anything that shows its head on disney (Only expections include kikis delviery service/Spirted away)

I play Mabinogi (ruari server) and tis by far my favortie (and only) MMO. I also play Stepmania (PC DDR (with my dance mats).

Im very open minded in terms of anime and am not afrad to give an anime a shot, but once is normally enough for me to see if i really want to continue, as there are tons of othert animes to watch.

Ill update this later on :D

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What?! No manga ratings?

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kittykun Nov 4, 2009

Thank you :D

Been busy trying to sort my profile and the watch list but the site was down a few hours ago (or rather was having problems with the school internet)

Murasakyoru Nov 4, 2009

Hello, and welcome to Anime-Planet. ^-^