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12 FEB

Decided to celebrate my 250th anime [more or less] with my favourite superhero and my favourite seiyuu in the same time. Never thought that at the end of it I'd be simply mind-blown and rolling on floor fully satisfied. Batman : Gotham Knight is made out of a few OVAs which present Batman and Bruce Wayne in various parallel universes. Batman is still Batman, but the reasons why he became Batman differ, and so does the animation. I have to admit I wasn't expecting this. Having watched probably every little thing related to Batman, from the original American series to Justice League and then the movies [yes, all of them], this was... yes, Batman needed a Japanese filter. This remake is more badass than everything I have ever watched [topic related], and God, it gave me the creeps. It's dark, and Batman goes through different stages of evolution - from an alien shadow, a robot [I LOLed so hard], a cunning bishonen, to being simply, badass. 

This was a good way to start my morning. ^_^;

One huge cup of coffee incomiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing. 

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