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Bleach movie 4 Jigoku-hen

28 AUG

You know, I really forgot that there was another movie out. And then I saw the torrent, downloaded, and watched it. And.


HOLY FU...SHI...CRA... nevermind. When was the last time that Bleach kicked ass, pwned, and was made of win! ? I haven't enjoyed a movie this much ever since I watched Sword of the Stranger, a few months ago. Now this was...great. I'm amazed  they managed to do such a great action movie, because that's all it is. Not that much of a plot, but no matter how little of it was, the action was brightly wrapped around it. This is what I call an action movie: fights, fights, and more epic fights. Even though Ichigo was the main character and he did mostly all the fighting, I didn't mind that much. [well the fact that Zabimaru was there helped xDxDxD] [yes, Zabimaru is my favourite Zanpakutou for some reason, and then comes Hyourinmaru xDxD]

Well, it doesn't matter if it is a Bleach movie. It doesn't matter that it didn't really have that much of a plot. It doesn't matter that there were only four main characters. And that there was a Nausicaa moment there [did you spot it? I did O_o]. It really doesn't matter. What matters is that this movie managed to do something that few movies managed to: to keep me on my toes for 90 minutes, gasping for air and in awe for all the epic powers displayed.

And yeah. it was so much made of win! that I actually wrote 2 blog entries in one day. *fail*


Did I mention the animation? The CG was a bit a off a few times, but the fighting scenes... Well, I can forgive anything.


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AnimeShima avatar AnimeShima
Aug 31, 2011

I'm not a bleach fan and I dropped it at episode 10 but this movie was impressive, I loved  the fights and the explosions so much XD

I gave it 9/10

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