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Steins Gate [spoilers]

28 AUG

Never thought this show would get so dramatic.

First of all, the theme is a bit cliche-ish, 'go to the past to save the girl'. I've seen it before, well not in anime, but in movies, books, so I'm familiar with it. But what makes this show brilliant is that the focus isn't on just one character [the victim/the time traveler], but also on others as well. The show manages to peel off the stories behind every character in a very tender way, and even though you expect some of the results, you also get surprised. Every story is touching and even heart-wrenching, but the character that manages to steal all the glory is Okarin. Honestly, I love him, and I love Mamoru Miyano for voicing him. I can't think of anyone else that could've portrayed Okarin so well, and I was surprised that Mamoru-sama can be serious and dramatic. Most of the characters he voiced were happy-go-lucky guys with some dark backgrounds, but Okarin is a different level. This air-head annoyed me at first, but as I was watching the show, I started to love his struggle with time and all those impossible tasks. Even thought I don't really understand 30-40% of the physics stuff, Okarin's mind and determination kept me hooked, in fact, I marathoned the series, and I can't wait the next episode.

On the animation part, I can't say much. There's nothing special or out of the ordinary, but I have to admit that the way phones, computers look is just amazingly realistic. Also, Okarin's face seems the most 'alive' and believable, and I enjoyed seeing him act like a mad scientist, but I was also moved to tears when he had that sad, lonely look on his face.

Well, that's all I can say now, I hope this series will be a long one, because the plot is well developed, even though they used a cliche.

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