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ranting about Sakamichi no Apollon

29 JUN

I will start by saying,

Watanabe-sama to Yoko Kanno-sama, kokoro yori arigatou gozaimashita! 

To put it simple, this series [probably the only one in all the anime I've ever watched] has made me smile so much that my face hurt, causing my eyes to fill with tears [happy tears, please note that]. It was wonderful. Thank you, Watanebe-sama for directing it. Thank you, Kanno-sama, for all those lovely pieces of music [history] you have rewritten, played. 

Heck, I'm happy. And my face is one heck of a smile. Ouch. 

** this blog has been edited many times due to too much flailing, kya~-ing, smiling and sheer happiness. 

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