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I'm the kind of person who would hug you randomly even if i don't know you,screaming out in on the street and laughing of nothing is randomness.Love anime and manga until it's a drug(need more and more everytime.)love new people and always online on cr and msn(if i'm not at work or school.)



Ni jiáo shénme? Wo jiáo Kiki.

Wo qingrén manga hé anime <3

Zàijiàn! ^^


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Giboho says...

Do you know any good anime I can watch? I finished one anime i was watching and I can't find any anime I can watch

Apr 12, 2011
Giboho says...

At the beggining manga may be a bit bad but it's getting better after each chapter. U just have to get into it. Don't really know about grafics but it's good drawing



Apr 4, 2011
Giboho says...

I found a very good manga. I don't know if ur'll be interested but I think is very good. It's called Gamarman and it's about one school of martial arts that what to prove they that they school is the strongest and they enter the tournament. It's very good it's action quite funny and it's about old time.


Apr 1, 2011
Giboho says...

What kind of anime u like? Then I can recommend a good anime. If you like action and vampires then I recommend Black Blood Brothers it only have 12 episodes but it's really good anime.

Mar 7, 2011
Giboho says...

Occult academy is a great anime it's a bit shame that he died in the end but still great anime.

Feb 24, 2011