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I'm a girl who likes anime but is able to keep her grades high.


Likes: Stoic Characters/Sadists :D

Dislikes: Tsunderes D: (Makise Kurisu exeption)

Favorite Opening theme: Complication by ROOKIEZ IS PUNK'D

Favorite Ending theme: Magia by Kalafina/ Daisy by STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION


Favorite Girl:

-Gokou Ruri


-Kanade Tachibana

-Akemi Homura

-Makise Kurisu

Favorite Guy:

-Lelouch Lamperouge/vi Britannia

-Light Yagami

-Orihara Izaya


-Akashi Seijuuro

(Wow, that the last three have the same seiyuus!)

Favorite Female VA: Kana Hanazawa

Favorite Male VA: Hiroshi Kamiya


Likes about anime:






Dislikes about anime:


-Yanderes (Tokisaki Kurumi exeption)

-Ecchi D:

Just Finished: Noragami

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17 total

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What?! No manga ratings?

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AnikaxHime Jul 4, 2015


At first I was unsure about watching FMAB too- but after seeing the first two episodes I COULDNT STOP! After finishing..I...I MADE MY LIFE GOAL TO GO TO HEAVEN AND SEE MORE FMAB AND EDWARD THERE! No I am not a weeabo, FMAB just caught my heart. No other anime I've seen ever had this much of an affect on me

Android21 Apr 3, 2015

Hello there  Kiririn-san!

OMG I don't even remember when I welcomed you :O well anyways that's just fine! :D

You're welcome :) Well that's fine.. I guess :) Hope you're enjoying your stay here :)

Have fun! :D

Android21 Mar 16, 2015

OMG You haven't received any Welcome Comment :O 

It might be too late maybe TOOO late but still :D

Welcome To Anime-Planet!!

Hope You're enjoying your stay here!! :D

And Your avatar is really Kawaii! :D