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eugenius says...

hi, sorry for the really late reply i havent been scrolling down my comments page >< i think i'll pass if it's a girly anime :$ thanks though!

Apr 15, 2011
Noobert says...

Hi Five for rating Gintama 5 stars! =D

Apr 1, 2011
cameronanimeangel says...

Knock Knock, came to check in on you and I find you have done some house cleaning. Remember your friendly Geologist is right here if you ever have a question. Tata my dear.

Mar 31, 2011
BluePeppermint says...

Hola! Once again, apologies for the tardiness, it's been an utterly insane week. Still continuing! As for replies late at night, I do struggle to sleep a fair amount of the time - though I'm more surprised that someone actually noticed the timestamps :P very observant of you! I do <3 your blog, despite the total lack of interest in most of the shows that you review, which definitely says a lot about how entertaining your writing style is, haha. Stellar stuff.

Hmm, a corset top for a day..perhaps you should call David Blaine, get some tips? The dress sounds nice though, quite traditional with the long train...good stuff. I'm sure it'll feel brilliant on the day, if you know that it's the right dress - even if it does force your ribcage onto a diet of its own!

Probably a good decision on the IT post. If it were me, I would've gone the same route, and I think you're a lot more socially inclined than my foolish self :P better to be at least somewhat happy and around people than isolated. I think you could open a restaurant some day, definitely keep hold of that one - it's not a pipedream! It's all about the Thai food, though...surely? Though it may be tough to start up a business in the economic climate that we have now, heh.

Haha, I'm perhaps somewhere in the middle on the raw manliness scale. Useful as toilet paper, and also for inflicting debilitating paper cuts and all those who dare defy the overwhelming brilliance that is an Arts degree :P I did not wimp out last time! You'll see, woman, you'll see...and I'm sure you're not too terrifying as a collective, although the club name itself would indicate otherwise >_>

'Good for the soul', I like that! I will definitely keep watching, there's something unique and enthralling about anime at times, despite some of the archetypes and cliches that inevitably spring up like weeds, even in the best of series. I'll keep an eye on Nana for the future :) although right now my watching list is being motivated by what can be cleared from my computer in order to free up memory - hence Ef ~ A Tale of Memories or Bamboo Blade are next up, rather than Nodame Paris/Darker Than Black. I need a bigger hard drive...

A couple of pounds in a week is a fair bit, y'know! A great start for you, by the sounds of it. I'm glad that you're appreciating the difference though, and you feel it's making a positive impact - keep it up, and I'm sure you'll be very pleased by the time a month is up :) as for running, it's hard to explain...but if you're competitive enough to work off your own personal times, then it's impossible to resist. I must ask, though - what on earth is Zumba?

The big news is to do with an opportunity that's opened up for me this summer, to do with music...I'll have to let you know in detail another time, but it involves the Royal Academy of Music. Good times :D

Hope you're well...take it easy out there in the terrifying real world~

Mar 23, 2011
yaang says...

I'm so happy for you, I hope the years will only bring you even closer. As for me I pretty much haven't done anything last year thanks to being an unemployed newly grad. I know it sounds great but it had it's ups and downs. I finally snapped out of it this autumn and started my masters. Do you still hang out @ the irc ?

Mar 15, 2011