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Now a retired reviewer! Instead, I have a blog of my own where I can have a lot of unmolested fun:


Latest review: Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

Also, lots of new signatures!

If there are any titles you would like to see me review, please drop me a line and I'll see what I can do!

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Serpico avatar Serpico


May 19, 2012

Hey you, long time no see!  I'm doing fine, thank you, and you too I hope. I'm assuming your thoughts drifted towards Hoshimaru because of Kyubey, right? But, really, shouldn't you be reminded more of Bokurano's Koyemshi? Though, I guess Kyubey is more cute and cuddly like Hoshimaru... Well, in any case, they're all mascots for their shows, so it all works out...

As for my profile image, it's a panel from Oyasumi Punpun by Asano Inio. It's funny you should ask this because a new volume just came out today. I must way that's some great timing on your part.

pablo3z avatar pablo3z


Mar 22, 2012

Hey KiraRin,

long time no message. It has been more than a year now since we wrote something to each other :P So i think it's perfect time to write to You and see how the last year was? I hope good.

Today was great weather, so i was able to enjoy it for a while. How's the weather in there?

Hope You had wonderful year :) And hope You didn't forget me :P


Squatso avatar Squatso


Feb 7, 2012

It's definitely sad to see that you're retired from the site, but I'll be sure to check your blog sometime. Your reviews are not just genuinely hilarious, but always point me in the right direction when I want some gleefully shameless guilty pleasure to spice up my typically somber anime crop. So, thank you!

Also, what would you say your favorite ecchi/comedy series is? I'm planning to watch Shuffle! after I finish up Steins;Gate, but I'm always looking for recommendations. Cheers!

NaikoraSama avatar NaikoraSama

Great Reviews!

Dec 14, 2011

I like your way of thinking, pretty cool reviews.

NimirRa avatar NimirRa


Nov 18, 2011

Understandable. I don't sign on that much anymore either and with the holidays coming that's probably going to remain the case.:/ You should drop in though. Before I stopped going on we had lots of fun skype parties that often involved drinking and sometimes yaoi. I'm sure with you it would be even more fun.

Oh I've never been addicted to the gym. (If I could be so lucky!) I drag my sorry ass every step of the way. XD I don't go every day anymore, but I do go and go on looong walks etc.

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