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Top Female Anime Characters

  1. Inaba (Kokoro Connect)
  2. Rikka TAKANASHI (Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!)
  3. Mashiro Shiina (Pet Girl)
  4. Urabe (Nazo Kanojo X)
  5. Kurisu MAKISE “Christina Lab member 004” (Steins; Gate)
  6. Hakaze KUSARIBE (Blast of Tempest)
  7. Kuroneko (Oreimo)
  8. Inori (Guilty Crown)
  9. Horo (Spice and Wolf)
  10. Rika SHIGUMA (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai)
  11. Ai Nanasaki – STORY ARC 4 (Amagmi SS)
  12. Toka KIRISHIMA (Tokyo Ghoul)
  13. Noe (True Tears)
  14. Sen Yarizui (Ben-to)
  15. Shino ASADA (SAO II)
  16. Minami AZUMA (Tokyo ESP)
  17. Yakumo Tsukamoto (School Rumble)
  18. Ai Nanasaki – STORY ARC 4 (Amagmi SS

*Characters who have Potential:

Top animes that I have enjoyed and loved

  1. Eureka Seven
  2. Princess Mononoke
  3. Kokoro Connect (13 eps + Michi Random 4 EPS)
  4. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (S1 & S2)+The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (Movie)
  5. Steins; Gate (25 eps)
  6. Spice and Wolf I and II
  7. Full Metal Alchemist/Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  8. Escaflowne TV series
  9. Darker than Black SI and S2
  10. Katanagatari; Sword Story (12 eps x 50 mins)
  11. Nazo no Kanojo X; Mysterious Girlfriend X (13 EPS + OVA)
  12. Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!; Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! (12 eps)
  13. Pet Girl (24 EPS) 
  14. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (11 eps)
  15. Working!! and Working’!!

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roriconfan Jun 12, 2012

I dare you to watch it and come back to tell me that again. Good shows are good from the very start.

roriconfan May 6, 2012

But it is fun looking for stuff I haven't seen yet. It is a counter balance for the visuals that get better each year. Also, 90% of everything is shit so I must be strict 90% of the time.

roriconfan May 5, 2012

Oh great now you keep talking about me as if I can't appreciate a good show when I see one. Care to talk further of how awesome my tastes are or are you just going to say I am a hater again?

Melourn May 3, 2012

Yeah, when I went looking around on other websites for his avatar and username I found a ton of arguments. See, if I disagree with soemone's review in some way, I might leave a comment with what I disagree with, but I wouldn't be rude about it. I've never offended anyone with responses that are measured and civil, he just has no tact or decency. He definitely has issues with the originality of the anime, but like you and I have both said, there aren't many original anime anymore. Almost everything is inspired, in some way, by earlier shows or "ancient" myths and stories.

I compared our anime lists and I noticed that your top rated animes are much like my own. Nice taste! :D

Yeah, I hate it when people write "reviews" after having only watched a portion of the show- or worse, after having watched the first season and hating it, they write a review about the scond or thrid season(s) or whatever.

In GC, I never really did understand the HOW of how they brought Gai back to life... If I don't understand something, then I tend to either go back and re-watch until I do or I just accept it for what it is- anime. :P  In Gai's resurrection case, I just accepted it and moved on, lol.

I did love Inori's costumes, but what got ME the most about Inori was her gradual Vulcan - to - Human metamorphosis throught the series.

I really hope they come out with a second season of GC as well, but it doesn't seem likely considering that they neatly capped off all the storylines at the end. If they DO, I hope they'll focus on the children of the S1 characters in like 15 or 20 years from their present time. I bet Shu and Inori's children WOULD have had some amazing powers. As it stands, Shu's children- with whomever should be pretty powerful. I don't know, anything they come up with would probably be cool. I agree with you. I hope they come up with a second season as well.

Melourn May 2, 2012

Yeah, I like to watch a ton... I backed up roughly 3 Tb's of the animes that I watched and lost all the data when my HD's died on me, so I just started again. I'm at 1.9 Tb's right now, but I only save the ones I'm likely to watch again.I've started a new habit of saving regular tv shows and movies as well, but the amount of space my tv stuff takes up is inconsequential in comparison.

Roriconfan got me riled up, to be sure, but it was mostly about his commenting on my review that annoyed me. He can have is opinion, but I was trying to tell him that it's not really fair to negatively comment on my review if I don't have the option of retaliating with my opinion on his. He basically piggybacked his opinion onto my review.

I did a little bit of research online, it seems that everywhere he goes to write a "review" people agree with my opinion of his constant raging and ragging on anime based on who made it, whether the story was original, and what techniques they used to create the animation. Anime is more than those things. Those are just how the shows have been processed and brought to us. He just doesn't understand that concept in my opinion.

Personally, I loved Guilty Crown. Inori Yuzuriha is one of my favorte anime characters. She's got a lot of personality for someone that is not only repressed, but basically suffering from a split personality. Plus, she's adorable and sexy at the same time!