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Hello people and welcome to my accout, the names Sai and I love anime and Manga A LOT

I also love to play videos games and I do walkthroughs on them as well. 

I found this Webstie 6 yrears ago but never realy joined in tell this year of Mar 14, 2014

I'm very happy with the new stie it is much better faster and easier to use.

I love to meet new people and talking and sharing new and different Anime and Manga to see or read. and show and giving recommendations to others on what is good to see or read if you want ^_^

Frist Anime I saw: Dragon Ball

50th show I saw: Air Gear

100TH show I saw: Suzuka

150th show I saw: Armitage III

200TH show I saw: Another

250th show I saw: Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!

300th show I saw:  Durarara!! 300th show with 6,000 FLAT EP'S SEEN 11/19/2015 1:33 AM

350th show I saw: N/A

This is the Current Anime I am seeing right now: Anime called:  Devil May Cry (Season 1)

Devil May Cry main image

This is the 2 Current Anime I am seeing right now: Anime called: Get Backers (Season 1)

 Get Backers screenshot

This is the 3 Current Anime I am seeing right now: Anime called: Durarara!!x2 Ten (Season 3)

Durarara!!x2 Ten screenshot

This is the 4 Current Anime I am seeing right now: Anime called: Beck (Season 1)

Beck screenshot

This is the 5 Current Anime I am seeing right now: Anime called: Ajin (Season 1)

Ajin screenshot

 This is the 6 Current Anime I am seeing right now: Anime called: Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora (Season 1)

Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora screenshot

This is the 1 current Manga I am reading: Manga Called: Ajin (Volume: 8 Chapter: )

Ajin screenshot

This is the 2 current Manga I am reading: Manga Called: Attack on Titan (Volume: 18 Chapter: 83

 Attack on Titan screenshot

This is the 3 current Manga I am reading: Manga Called: D-Frag! (Volume: 7 Chapter: )

D-Frag! screenshot

This is the 4 current Manga I am reading: Manga Called: UQ Holder! (Volume: 7 Chapter: )

UQ Holder! screenshot

My Favorite Anime Guy is: Ichigo Kurosaki From: Bleach

My Favorite Anime Girl is:  Saeko BUSUJIMA From: Highschool of the Dead


So ya that is everthing I have to tell you, ya Know if I think of anything more I will be sure it add it. but now hrere is my 

Got My Stalker BADGE when I followed: Zeltomation1 at 11:35 PM on 1/11/2015

Got  Watched 10 anime from Bones BADGE on 2/13/2015 at 3:32 PM

Got Life on Anime: 3 Months BADGE on 3/27/2015 at 10:25 AM

Favorite top 15 animes that I like: 

1) Boruto -Naruto the Movie-

2)  Naruto Shippuden Movie 7: The Last

3) Bleach

4) Highschool of the Dead

5) Dragon BallDragon Ball ZDragon Ball GTDragon Ball Kai

6)  Higurashi no Naku Koro ni When They Cry

7) Mnemosyne aka: Mnemosyne - Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi

8) Black Lagoon

9) Code:Breaker

10) Guilty Crown

11) Steins;Gate

12) NarutoNaruto Shippuden

13) Nodame Cantabile

14) Spice and WolfSpice and Wolf II

15) Suzuka


Favorite top 15 Mangas that I like:

1) Highschool of the Dead

2) Bleach

3) Citrus (Uta SABURO)

4) Dragon Ball


6) Ajin

7) Fairy Tail

8) One Piece

9) Suki-tte Ii na yo.

10) Suzuka

11) Steins;Gate

12) Spice and Wolf

13) Sankarea

14) Seirei no Moribito

15) Shiki

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Rick18 says...

hey thanks man, lookin forward to checking those out

Mar 17, 2016
Rick18 says...

hey man, thats coo, no rush

its just that we seem to have simlilar taste

Mar 14, 2016
Rick18 says...

hey whats up do you have any comedy or dark ecchi or yandere anime you suggest

Mar 1, 2016
Th3Laugh1ngMan says...

well since it looks like you love action anime:

code geass: unpredictable plot twists and good battles even if you dont give a goddamn about the mechas, fast pacing

rurouni kenshin: goes from very generic filler episodes to suddenly becoming amongst the best shounen at episode 28, that episode starts one of the most famed shounen arcs of all time the kyoto arc so you might just want to try that episode and see if you like it 

Jan 10, 2016
Th3Laugh1ngMan says...

you have decent taste in anime

Dec 30, 2015