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Dr3* ending

14 JUL

Soooo usually im not big into blogging, and ive never blogged before since usually this is for yuppies, but i found that DR3's ending was probably the biggest disapointment for quite sometime when it comes to the conclusion of a series. The entire show had a build up for some mass chaos to happen with a huge gangwar, then it just basically ends... all 3 main characters are like "heyyyy its okay that we all are the problems of this town, lets become friends again." Assuming that people have intrest in romanic and love complications, Sonohara and whats his face should have gotten together, but of course not, they are just friends and they will never become more.

So im all theroy, the story line was superb,editing superb, voice and sounds was amazing, characters were very unique, the only problem i saw with this 24 ep series was the ending.

Overall it was going to be a 10/10 until ep 24

now its going to be a 8/10 for the fail conclusion of the series.

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