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One Piece

Apr 10, 2012

Before anything else, lets start off by saying this; anyone who is going to start watching One Piece, it is going to be journey....and a long one....a verrrrryyy long one.... You're going to laugh, cry, get annoyed, get sad, get an adrenaline rush, fall in love, grow old and finally have some One Piece babies. Is that what you want?hmm? think you can handle One Piece? Even though it is not the prettiest anime, can you still find the love for it deep down inside your heart?.... Can you? Is your manhood up to the challenge?! Do you have the balls o_O!?!?

Oh you have?! Is that why you are reading my review? Good for you, my son!

One piece is one of the greatest shounen anime by far and still is after 10 or so years. It has everything that anyone who is looking for in an action packed shounen anime has ever dreamed for, ambitious story line, creative chraracter cast and loads of hours of action packed battles, rolling-on-the-floor-laughing humour and wicked drama. For those who cannot see that, watching is believing.

Unlike the other reviews, instead of reviewing the general aspects of the anime, i'm going to rule out the common general objections that stops a majority watching this amazing anime.

1.The anime art is too childish!/ too crap!/ look like it was made for sea babies...
So many times have I heard that the reason why many people turn down this anime because of the art style. I know it is not the best looking out there but don't turn it purely because of the graphics, there is also the story to think about. You just need to change your pespective, not all anime with great graphics are the best, in fact one of the most unique thing that One Piece has to offer is the art, because the style fits so well with the tone and humour of this anime, once it used to be something I dreaded, but now it is a thing I admire. The style just makes the anime too funny at times. 

2.The anime is soo long, soo boring, why the action look so old? like it was created from the time of mammoths...

You have to understand, the anime was premiered in 1999, that was nearly 13 years ago! So obviously the action and episode quality of those shouldn't be compared to our current anime hits. I have to be frank, it can long and tiring to try watch the first 80 epsiodes+. I rememeber there were many times I was just sick and tired of going through every chracter story arc and even wanting to give up but.. NAOOOOOO!!! I don't give up!!! Cos that's what a noob does!? Do I smell like a noob £$%@&?! OVO!! With my otaku fire burning through my veins, I watched all of it...yeh, I made it to the top, made it to the grand line...

Suddenly everthing became clear, it was bliss for the next 400 episodes ^o^~ . The thing that makes One Piece so memorable are the characters, each character arc is really important in setting the foundation and pillars of this anime. Without going through the beginning adventures of the strawhat pirates is like trying to make funny conversations to people you don't know in a new school. It just not as fun. However the first 80 episodes are not all boring, the action is really good for an old anime and the main character, Luffy, spontaneous actions is always fun to watch.

3.Ussopp's nose is too long, WTF does he have that nose!! Pinocchio parady?! Hentai related?

Just get over it.....don't wuss out because of a nose.

I mean, it just a very long nose, that is like a slender branch that birds find comfortable....the only memorable thing that reminds him of his mother *sobs*  and when he..hic..looks in the mirror..hic.. he reminds himself the painful reality that the reason his father left *sobs* was that it was his mother's nose was in the way of their love-making waaaaaaa *sobs x400* 

4.But I still like Naruto and Bleach better, they are way more cooler, y' know i really like  to pity emo Sasuke and watch 100+ fillers of how painful a life was for Naruto through other people.....y'know ....oh and don't forget Ichigo's neverending battles, I liked the fact he was always so weak when he fights new enemies even though he managed to defeat the best in the last arc......anddd Aizennn....ooohh He Became A Butterfly! Y'know!? HUMAN CANT BECOME A BUTTERFLY! [email protected] S**T IS AMAZING DAWG!

One piece has hardly any fillers, the anime version follows strictly to the manga story, another cool thing about one piece is that the chracacter development throughout the story has been so consistent, there none of those Dragonball Z like battle arcs (where at some point the characters and enemies become so over the top that it becomes ridiculous) happen.  There's none of that....  just pure One Piece you follow the main cast through a big world, it only just passed 500 and the crew is barely halfway through the grand line.


I have a confession to make....(oh this hurts)...before One Piece I used to be a Naruto/Bleach fan!( omg i said it* deep breaths*) A guy told me that one piece was good and...i told him it wasn't....I was so lost and immature that time....but now! My life has changed! I have been saved! 

Oh that's deep! So I watch it?

Yes. Do. Your One Piece babies are waiting to be hatched.....become the man...Find...Your..One Piece.

10/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.8/10 overall
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Jare Jun 21, 2012

This is probably my favourite review on this site. Ever.

duchessliz May 24, 2012

omg I LOVE your review and agree with it 100%. although. . .*deep breath*. . .im a fan of Naruto too lol. I still love One Piece more though because of its lack of fillers and how its,for the most part, light hearted. plus I love all the main characters and I honestly cant say that about very many animes.

sooo anyway. . .thanx for the review and putting a smile on my face! and ignore roriconfan people he has no taste and just likes to tick people off. and to all of those noobs reading the review and trying to decide if you should watch it or not. . .dont think about it just do it, go watch it. . .you wont regret it (if your smart that is *smirk*).

kiminosan01 Apr 21, 2012

@roriconfan As written, I did say that it was not a normal review and yes i did deliberately exagerrate it so it is more bias towards the anime. The whole point of this particular review was that it was to persuade people to not judge the anime before they consider not to watch it by stating the common objections and the reasons why it shouldn't stop them. (and btw i'm a fangirl...) If i was going to write about the pacing and production, it would have made sense for me to write fully about the story, sound, characters, animation and etc. ¬_¬

roriconfan Apr 21, 2012

No word about the pacing or the production values being bad huh? Fanboy...